Vienna, AT



51 years old

Hi, my name is Roman Hagara. My discipline is Extreme Sailing Series. I was born on 30 April 1966 in Vienna, Austria. My special talent is precision out on the water. My philosophy of life is always be prepared. My favourite music is anything modern, like Robbie Williams.


If there’s one name that resonates throughout the world of Extreme Sailing, it’s Roman Hagara. Born in Vienna, Austria in 1966, Hagara has been sailing all his life and has had almost 30 years experience in the Tornado Class alone.

Along with his teammate Hans-Peter Steinacher, Hagara has won pretty much all there is to win on the open seas. The Austrian sailor took gold in the Tornado Class at the Sydney Olympics back in 2000 and then came back to successfully defend his title in Athens four years later. In addition he’s also amassed a vast abundance of European titles, so much so that the name ‘Hagara’ has come to mean success, prosperity and skill amongst fellow skippers. Such achievements have led Roman to become not only Austria's most successful sailor, but also the country's most successful summer sports athlete of all time!

But things haven’t always been smooth sailing for Roman; his career has had its setbacks. As with all water-sports, athletes are open to the unpredictable nature of the elements; elements that can either make or break one’s performance. 2010 started with such setbacks, however Hagara’s breadth of experience enabled him to come back from the jaws of defeat to win an impressive total of 12 titles that season.

A down-to-earth and modest man on land, Hagara turns into Poseidon himself on the ocean, and when the waves roar, he roars back twice as loud!


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