[TOP 10 n°46] Never seen before : he drives his motorbike… on the water !

1/ DC SHOES: ROBBIE MADDISON'S "PIPE DREAM" — by DC SHOES (FMX)   2/ The Lexus Hoverboard: It's here — by LEXUS (Hoverboard)  3/ View From A Blue Moon Teaser — by John John FLORENCE (Surf) 4/ The Good Old Days Are Now — by Desillusion Magazine (Skate) 5/ Shawn Richman's Makes Memories Kenya — by Naish Kiteboarding (Kitesurf) 6/ Extreme Combo (Skydiving & Speedflying) — by Rold Didrik HEXEBERG (Speedflying) 7/ Modernday Vintage, CWC Philippines — by Jon DICKEY (Wakeboard)  8/ La Reunion Part One: The Place One Never Leaves — by Caliber Truck Co. (Longskate) 9/ Skydivers Create Largest Ever Vertical Formation — by Associated Press (Skydiving) 10/ Aerobatic Helicopter Chases Drifting Race Car — by Red Bull (Drift)

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The Lexus Hoverboard: It's here

We’ve made the impossible, possible: The Lexus Hoverboard is here.

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Nike SB London AM 2015

Highlights from the 2015 Nike SB London Am at Bay Sixty6 Skate Park. Featuring Ross McGouran, Kyron Davis, Denny Pham, Josh Young, Korahn Gayle, Kris Vile, Dannie Carlsen, Charlie Munroe, Mike Arnold and many, many more.

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Vans Skate EMEA - Copenhagen Tour - Ross McGouran and Daan Van Der Linden

Vans Europe skaters Ross McGouran and Daan Van Der Linden just returned from a recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. its no surprise that this city has earned it self the title of "The Happiest City in the world" with the bright happy faces, amazing city vibes and of course the perfect skate spots. get comfortable and press play and soak up some summer sun. Enjoy...

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