Extreme Kiteboarding in Ireland & Holland - Ruben Lenten 2013

Red Bull athlete Ruben Lenten is an extreme kiteboarder, always searching for the biggest storms around the world.  After a disappointing trip to Ireland, Ruben heads back to the homeland where one of the year's fiercest storms is about to hit the coast of Holland, and Ruben is more than ready for it. Red Bull atleet Ruben Lenten is een extreme kiteboarder. Wanneer hij een storm achterna reist, komt er in Nederland extreem harde wind aan land.

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MOST EXTREME SPORT - TRICKS & CRASH KITESURF - Awaiting Red Bull King Of The Air 2017

4 Crazy Minutes of PURE ADRENALINE RUSH 100 % Pure Awesome People Extreme Sports Action The Craziest Event of Kiteboarding MOST EXTREME SPORT - TRICKS & CRASH - Awaiting Red Bull King Of The Air 2017 CAUTION : Time 1:01 Starts hurting your bones !!! Have you ever seen someone fly a little bit too high?? Have you ever jumped and realized the ground is a little too far away?? This compilation is dedicated to that split second when you believe you can fly!! Let us know what you think in the comment section. The most extreme event in a kiteboarding. One of the most extreme sport organised by red bull It's a mix of action sport, big waves, big jump and the guys fly really big. It's the most dangerous sport when they fails, crash, smash, wipeout. This guys are insane. They do awesome tricks at 20 metres above the water. Univers Kite is the destination for amazing videos and compilations of people doing extraordinary kiteboarding. We feature all sorts of different extreme kiteboarding activities. Red Bull King of the air : During a two-week weather window, riders from many nations wait for the windiest day – and with iconic Table Mountain as backdrop – both wind and sea deliver some pumping conditions. Watch the KOTA 2017 on Red Bull King of the air : Cape Town and its prolific summer South-Easter will once again play host to the world’s most progressive kiteboarders as they go head-to-head to see who rules the sky. The competition – due to take place at Big Bay on the windiest day between the 21st of January and 5th of February 2017 – will see the best big air kiters trying to out-fly each other in a unique format. 4 minutes folles de PURE ADRENALINE . Retrouvez les meilleurs tricks et les plus gros crashs de kitesurf des anciennes éditions du Red Bull King of the air . SUBSCRIBE the Youtube Channel of Univers Kite: Or Follow Univers Kite on for more videos of kiteboarding and snowkiting. Or Follow Univers Kite on Facebook for all Kiteboarding and Snowkiting news ----------- Retrouvez Univers Kite sur pour plus de vidéos de kitesurf. Suivez Univers Kite sur Facebook pour toute l'actualité Kitesurf Ou Abonnez-vous à la chaine Youtube d'Univers Kite: Videos : Who is the Best Kiteboarder in the World - Red Bull King of the Air 2015 tom hebert insane crash red bull king of the air 2014 Ten Days with LEN10 Epi#3 Ride Hard! Red Bull King of The Air - Riders POV 2015 Mystic presents King of the Air Lewis Crathern Mega Loop Crash Red Bull King of The Air Extreme Kiteboarding in Pumping Conditions Red Bull King of the Air 2016 Extreme Air Kiteboarding Competition - Red Bull King of the Air 2013 Extreme Air Kiteboarding - Red Bull King of the Air 2013 Big air kiteboarding in Cape Town - Red Bull King of the Air.mp4

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WELCOME TO 2015 - Mystic Team

Mystic Team is ready for the 2015 season

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Here's the trailer of kitesurf that will revolutionize the sport. The best kitesurfers brought together for some goos shots!

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Kite Record : Len10 is Back - Ruben Lenten

After nearly a year long recovery from ankle surgery, how far would you push yourself in your first sessions back on the water? "Len10 is back!"  

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