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HAVASUPAI 2016 // Cliff Jumping in Paradise

Ajoutée le 15 août 2016 150 of the greatest cliff jumpers, photographers, videographers and professional life livers gathered deep within the depths of the Grand Canyon at the most beautiful desert oasis in the world, HAVASUPAI. History was made in the highest form of huckery imaginable! 120 ft doubles were sent, 95 foot triples were stomped and an all around onslaught of absurd epicness ensued. This video was the cultivation of efforts between 6 different major groups of cliff jumpers across the United States and it wouldnt have been possible without them! Be sure to check out the videos they made as well in the links below! Subscribe - http://www.youtube.com/user/CliffLife... Like - https://www.facebook.com/CliffLifePro... Follow - http://instagram.com/clifflifemedia Los Angeles Swimmin - https://www.youtube.com/user/losangel... Nick Coulter - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJg... Adrenaline Addiction - https://www.youtube.com/user/farmerfr... Dont Stop Go Harder - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBuE... Local Idiots - http://local-idiots.com/shop/ Music by // Astrid - JUMP Video not working? Watch the Vimeo link instead - https://vimeo.com/178927892 Filmed by Mike Berritta of Cliff Life with a huge help from Luke Walthour of Dont Stop Go Harder & Nick Coulter of Coulter Productions. Additional filming by Brian Botwinski, Chase Reinford & Connery Lundin. Jumpers:  Zach Steele - @lilzachel (120 ft. dub cork) Scott Pollman - @scottpman (95 ft. triple misty) Chase Reinford - @adrenaline.addiction (120 ft. double frontflip) Travis Sims - @extremevertigo Dan Worden - @adventuremandan Mike Berritta - @clifflifemedia Houston Braukman - @braukman Robert Wall - @robert.wall Taylor Story - @taylorstory928 Johnny Bryant - @simplemindedjohn Tyler Crowe - @scarecrowe64 Nick Coulter -@croulter Justin Briggs - @brggsy Jake Berthelot - @jakeofalltrades88 Zach Ouchida - @clifflife503 Dillon Boucher - @lifesodetermined Tyler Stallings - @hucstermcgee Tyler Kramer - @ripptyde Shayne Circe - @shaynoo_2 Brad Botwinski - HUCK IN PARADISE

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[TOP 10 N°47] He risks his life on a slackline to break a record

1/ World Record Free Solo - Insane Slacklining! — by Zac MOXLEY (Slack Line) 2/ Rail to Rail — by Joel SHARPE (Bodyboard)  3/ Cliff Jumping in Vermont with Mike Wilson — by Cliff Life (Cliff Diving) 4/ OPEN – LGC Skates Israel – Short Video — by Longboard Girls Crew (Longskate) 5/ No Snow No Problem — by Isaac Gibson (Snowboard)  6/ Good Company Two Teaser — by Tom Wallisch (Ski) 7/ Chasing The FMX Dream featuring Travis Pastrana — by Milwaukee ShowTime Australia (FMX) 8/ Boarding Call — by Szymon KA (Skydiving) 9/ TonaLife - Paros kite 2015 — by Nathan GLEVAREC (Kitesurf) 10/ Antoine Delpero surfe la plus belle vague de la Summer Cup 2015 — by Summer Cup

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Cliff Jumping in Vermont with Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson & company slaying Vermont & New Hampshire's finest cliffs & bridges! This 4th of July weekend was a weekend i don't think any of us will ever forget! For the purpose of preserving these precious locations for the true adventurers and cliff jumpers who will actually treat them with the respect and care they deserve, we will not be posting directions or giving out locations to anywhere in this video. We're sorry, but there are too many beautiful hidden gems that get over crowded, trashed, spray painted and inevitably shut down and we don't want any of these places falling into that category. It's nothing against anybody in particular, it's just our policy. We kindly ask that you follow this policy as well if you happen to know where any of these locations are and any comments hinting towards the whereabouts of these quarries will be promptly deleted. If you DO manage to find these places... be safe, keep the cliffs clean and huck em hard! Film: Joey Szela - @themainidea Darin - @billdingblocks Mike Berritta - @clifflifemedia Jumpers: Mike Wilson - @2feelalive Zach Steele - @lilzachel Ryan Hodgdon - @ryan_hodgdon34 Mike Berritta - @clifflifemedia Jack Tattersall - @jacktattersall Nick Coulter - @nick_coulter11 Dan Mini - @danminstagram Tim Lange (Skateboard Jump) - @quantum_fluxuations

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