Ryan Sheckler Goes HUGE in Hart Lines Practice

Within the first 20 minutes of skating the Red Bull Hart lines course for the first time, Sheckler hammered a kickflip off the big section over Tom’s Garden, and nailed a wallride that may just win the contest. Ryan was kind enough to let us mic him up to get a better understanding of the process it takes to dial in a run for the weekend, so have a watch and listen as Sheckler shows us how it's done at Red Bull Hart Lines.

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Brain Farm Company Reel

We are proud to release our latest company reel. Featuring some our favorite moments from projects past and present. It is our goal to create something that not only catches our audience's eye, but something that leaves them inspired. We are dedicated to turning ambitious visions into vivid reality. Using the latest in filmmaking technology to capture awe-inspiring stories and images, we’ve pushed the limits of media possibility time and time again. We live for the challenge of getting the shot others think is unattainable in locations few dare to go.

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Skatepark Round-Up: Etnies

The Etnies squad goes to work on a beautiful day in Encinitas. Goddam that park is fun...

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Pro Skater Ryan Sheckler Talks Evolution

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution applies as much to an athlete’s career as it does to mankind. For professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, it truly is a matter of adapting and growing, or face watching a career die a slow death. Sit back with Sheckler as he talks evolving his ever-growing skill set.

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A Heros Perspective Best of GoPro 2014

We gave you six reasons you need a GoPro for capturing all that skate footage. Today, with this GoPro Best Of, we’re giving you even more examples of what makes the GoPro HERO+ 3 the most versatile camera in the world. At every stop of the 2014 SLS Nike SB World Tour, we were heavily armed with the GoPro HERO+ 3 Black Edition camera. Having these cameras in our corner made sure we never missed any of the exciting moments on the busy SLS courses. Enjoy our compiled GoPro clips from 2014, and get yourself a GoPro at to start capturing your own clips today!

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