Sage Kotsenburg & Will Jackways Video, LearningByDoing, EP4

Some of the best snow conditions of the entire winter came in April and with them came two of the best riders to visit me. Olympic Gold winner Sage Kotsenburg and Kiwi Will Jackways came and had a great couple of days riding jumps and natural features in St Anton a Arlberg.

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The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding

[Important ! Hit "CC" for english subtitles in non-english parts !] - [Sous-titres français dans les options en bas à droite] The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding : - An existential journey into the true life of snowboarders - A snowboard photographer for almost 10 years, I have been filming everything I take a picture of (and much more) since the past 3 years. I am now putting together a supercut style edit, showing the backstage of snowboard movie making, as well as rising existential questions such as : "what the fuck are we doing here?!". In the style of a philosophy exam, the movie will try to answer the question : "Is there anything truely beautiful?", that is, in what we do, and what we are, pro snowboarders. [1080p HD & full screen recommended] -------------------------- You want to save it on your computer or set up a screening ? Download the film here : Trailer : Facebook page : Closing credits music by H E L M A U D : - My photos and other works can be found on my website : Thank you very much Jérôme.

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Sage Kotsenburg's "The Other Side" -- Episode 5

Sage has always been on the forefront of progressing snowboarding in many different ways. Here he offers his own insight on how snowboarding is constantly transforming through progression in its many forms. As a strong ambassador of the sport, Sage wants to inspire people through the sport he loves and in doing so, ends up always pushing the limits

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Watch how snowboarder evolve and change their tricks over time.

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Mountain bike


enjoy our TOP 10 N°11! 1 - Alexandre Mateos VS Big Jim sur le circuit de Clastres - FLASHPIX STUDIO – Stunt 2 - Red Bull Holy Ride 2014 Japan: News Cut – RedBull - MTB 3 - GIBBON Slacklines Chile Tour Buenos Aires X Slackline - Argentina - GIBBON SLACKLINE - Slackline 4 – Skiing in the United Kingdom with Mike Hornbeck, Jacob Wester, Mees van Lierop – ARMADA SKIS INC – Ski 5 - Mrs Mr by Mad EP and Shadow Huntaz - Anel Reyes - Dance 6 - Andi starts it 2014: Clip - Redbull - Skydiving 7 - FEARLESS – Epic Kites - Kitesurf 8 - Vans Israel Skate - Aviram Shiker – Vans - Skate 9 - Snowboard Slopestyle Preview, 2014 Mountain Championships Breckenridge – DEW TOUR - Snowboard 10 - Red Bull Air Race 2014: Season Review Clip – Redbull - Aircraft

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Snowboard Slopestyle Preview, 2014 Mountain Championships Breckenridge

Kicking off the 2014-2015 winter season, Dew Tour will be the first place to see snowboard slopestyle heavies throw down such as Sage Kotsenburg, Sven Thorgren, Seb Toots, Mark McMorris and many more in December 11th-14th on NBC, NBCSN, and NBC Sports Live Extra.

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Snowboard Zurich 2013 | Recap

Great moments of freestyle emotions at Zurich 2013! The 19th edition of wowed on-site 33.000 spectators with amazing action in snowboard, freeski, FMX & MTB and lots of fun all over the Landiwiese event area. Take the chance to share the atmosphere and tune-in.

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