One year later - finally the lightning highline (540m) goes down

... and this time not due the lightning itself. Here is what happend last year ( Last year, this highline was ment to be a new World Record in the amazing mountain range of the Churfirsten. A Line in the sky connecting the peaks of Schibenstoll and Zuestoll. Steep cliffs over the beautiful Walensee in Switzerland. Unfortunately the range is very exposed and thunderstorms can hit hard and fast. During one of these, the line was cut and the project couldn't be complete. So this year, the crew is back. Well prepared and trained to close this open chapter with the gods. Thank you very much to all people involved in this project. The Zeus Line walked by: Samuel Volery Alessandro Franscini Tijmen van Dieren Music: MaxLL - Collecting Sounds Around the World ( Camera: Visual Whiteout ( Markus Casutt ( Smiley Photography Team ( Martin Knobel ( Edit: Visual Whiteout ( Shot with: DJI Phantom 3 / DJI Phantom 4 Sony A7s II Canon 60d

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Relaxed Waterline WarmUp - Lanzarote Adventure Series onLINE #1

Video by Markus Casutt Slackliner: Sam Volery ( & Lyell Grünberg ( This video is just the warmup of the real adventure..! :-D

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Highline Wolrd Record in Switzerland 477m - Over the Clouds

The swiss athlete Samuel Volery finally did it. Two months after a lightning stopped his try to break the highline world record, on september 26 he manages to set the new record to 477m during the Highline Extreme Festival - with an incredible sunset scenery over the clouds.

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Longer than the Gods allow

World’s longest highline (537m) in Switzerland gets destroyed by a lightning Samuel Volery and his team set up the world’s longest highline (slackline) between two Churfirsten-Summits - the Zuestoll and Schibestolln. After managing to rig the 537m long highline and a promising first day trying to break the world record, an announced thunderstorm forces the team to withdraw to the basecamp. When the clouds clear and the sun shows itself again, they can’t believe what just happened… The line is gone - cut by a lightning stroke. Athlete: Samuel Volery ( ->as well on youtube: ( Music: James Merryweather ( Camera/Edit: Jan-Georg Wagenfeld

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