A North Shore Shred - Extreme Mountain Unicycling 2015

A North Shore Shred One day, I found myself staring at my camera and realized I didn’t know what my next project would be. A sequel to Atlantis or This Is British Columbia was not possible, and while a KH29er video loomed in the future, I wanted to film something in the meantime. I wanted to film something fun, something fast, and in a less-pressured situation. This edit fits that bill. A North Shore Shred takes place on Pingu and Boogieman, two classic North Shore trails and two trails I grew up riding with the Vancouver Unicycling Club. This edit shows a typical one-wheeled ride on the North Shore for me, and was a lot of fun to make!

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Unofficial Moab Mountain Unicycle Weekend 2015

It wasn't an event, we just all showed up!

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