Lausanne Slopestyle 2015 | Official Video

The initial idea behind the Lausanne Slopestyle is to reproduce a snowpark on a closed road. Organized every year since 2012, this event was first designed by freeboarders for freeboarders and now regroups all kind of disciplines including roller, longboard, skateboard, trike and of course, freeboard. It is reognized worldwide as the biggest freeboard event. More info: by Geoffroy Dubreuil ( by Jeffree Heitz, Geoffroy Dubreuil and Pierre MüllerMusic: FlexFab - Digital Knights Feat. ChiefFollow the LAU' Riders crew:- Facebook | Website | lau-riders.comLAU' Riders // Ride comes : https://www.lausanne-slopestyle.comfacebook : Plus:

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Lausanne Slopestyle 2016 | 5th Edition Lifestyle Teaser

Brace yourself, the 5th edition of the Lausanne Slopestyle is coming ! Come join us on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2016 for the largest freeboard event worlwide !More info: by Jeffree | by Jeffree Heitz, Geoffroy Dubreuil and Pierre MüllerCover by Emilien Itim | the LAU' Riders crew:- Facebook | Website |

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Lausanne Slopestyle 2015 | Trailer

Subscribe to the event: Slopestyle rushs provided by :- Geoffroy Dubreuil | Seb Jam | Bently Anderson | by Jeffree | | FlexFab - 5 ClickFollow the LAU' Riders crew:- Facebook | Website | lau-riders.comLAU' Riders // Ride comes : https://www.lausanne-slopestyle.comfacebook : Plus:

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Lausanne Slopestyle 2013 | Official video

Le slopestyle 2013 qui s'est déroulé à la vallée de la jeunesse, Lausanne, le 6 juillet 2013.Evenement organisé par freeboard suisse, anticonformiste longskate et l'association la fièvre.geoffroydubreuil.chFacebook: : https://www.lausanne-slopestyle.comfacebook : Plus:

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Lausanne Slopestyle 2014 | Official video

Événement de freeboard et longboard freestyle, le désormais mythique Lausanne Slopestyle s'est déroulé pour la troisième année consécutive à Lausanne en Suisse le Samedi 5 Juillet.edit by: .geoffroydubreuil.chorganisateurs:FREEBORD SUISSE : freebord.chANTICONF | HIGH QUALITY SWISS BOARDS : anticonf.compartenaires et soutien :ASSOCIATION LA FIEVRE : fievre.chFREEBORD MFG : freebord.comwebsite : https://www.lausanne-slopestyle.comfacebook : Plus:

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Beautiful switzerland

2013 was the second year of Freebord Suisse. Here is an highlights of this year. Shot in Lausanne, belmont, verbier, col des planches, les diableret, Grimentz, col du grand saint bernard, and more. In this video, the feature rider of the Pro team are Pierre Linckenheld, Jordi Puig Ribas, Ben Berger. But also appear Seb Jam, Noé Liardet, Jean Francois Heitz, Octave Ra, Honza Hubáček, Jiří Hladík, Nils beneto, Geoffrey Monnier... Footage Provided by :  CHOE - Arnaud Blin // Geoffroy Dubreuil | videomaker // Zoom Vertical // Collective Kreative - Seb Jam & Seb Baritussio // Freebord Suisse - Seb Jam & Pierre Linckenheld // Music : BASS Nectar // Rez Follow us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter : For information and business inquiries : More videos on ENJOY THE RIDE !!!! #freebordsuisse #freebord #sebjam

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A normal week-end in Lausanne

Freebord Suisse was in Lausanne April the 19th for the Air & Slide organized by La Fievre, Saturday the 18th we participated at 4th edition of the If you go down, an open freeride in the center of Lausanne. The downhill started in La Sallaz and finished on La place de L'Europe where the Kicker was waiting for crazy rider to fly on. This 2 event bring in town great riders as Dylan Rumo, rider for our friend of Anticonformiste, Yvon Labarthe, who killed the kicker with his longboard and Jean Yves Blondeau, Mr Rollerman !!! Some riders of the Choe as Arnaud Blin & Jon Ehm for the occasion and the new comer of their team Naim Chenguiti, Keep this name in mind !  Rider : Jam Sébastien, Pierre Linckenheld, Arnaud Blin, Jon Ehm, Naim Chenguiti, Jean-Francois Heitz, Dylan Rumo Camera : Selim ( anticonformiste ) , Sebastien ( Freebord Suisse ), Phillipe Amez-Droz ( Season Inc ) Edit : Jam Sébastien For More information about Freebording and upcoming event folllow us on or contact us at For Video productions and business inquiries contact the producer at Enjoy the ride ! #freebordsuisse #freebord #sebjam

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Nice to meet you

The Freebord suisse's season is starting. We had the opportunities to met 3 great riders coming from Czech republic and guide them in switzerland. Their motivation was unlimited and push us to wake up and leave the winter in the past for shred the concrete !!! Rider : Sebastien Jam, Pierre Linckeheld,Honza Hubáček, Jiri Hladík et Lukáš Krůža Krocanni Jeseter . Camera, Edit : Jam Sébastien. For more information about freebord or business inquiry, contact us on  and visit our website at Musik : Stickybuds vs Mista Savona - Clean Air Feat. Burro Banton (Vocal Mix and dub mix) Enjoy the ride...

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