Seb Toots at Suzuki Nine Knights 2015

The Canadian snowboarder, occasionally also called by his proper name Sebastien Toutant brought a massive load of style and perfection to the 2015 Suzuki Nine Knights.

0:48 2 2,132


Sebastien Toutant, Snowboard Slopestyle Final: 2nd Place Run, 2014 Dew Tour Mountain Championships

Sebastien Toutant's second place run from the Snowboard Slopestlye Final at Breckenridge, Colorado

1:08 3 19,753


Seb Toutant part 2015

A part of Sebastien Tootant riding the street around Montreal Canada.

2:56 3 229,521


UNREASONABLE - O'neill team

O'Neill Team is Unreasonable since 1952, and that's why we like it!

1:41 3 345