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5 Mind-Blowing Wingsuit Fly-Bys

5 Mind-Blowing Wingsuit Fly-Bys. For more extreme sport videos, subscribe here: "A Fly-By is a flight past a point, especially the close approach of a spacecraft to a planet for observation". In our case it refers to proximity flying, one of the most engaged discipline coming from BASE Jumping. Witness the most incredible wingsuit Fly-By ever done and check out the original videos and athletes in the description for more : 5 - Espen Fadness in the Tianmen Mountains (China) : 4 - Sebastian Alvarez in Reńaca (Chile) : 3 - Jarno Cordia & Sam Lamming for TotalOxygen : 2 - Jokke Sommer in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) : 1 - Fadness, Sommer & Woerth at l’Aiguille du Midi (France) : The Global Extreme Sports YouTube Network! Pushing the limits of extreme sports since 1994. Subscribe for your daily dose of action from the world of X-Treme! Awesome new videos every day! Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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TOP 10 n°29 : Some guys risk their life in one of the most dangerous wave in the world !

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°29 : 1/ The Right - A Short Film of Wave Slab Fury from Oz - Taublied Films - Surf 2/ Wingsuit Precision Flight VIVA CHILE! - Sebastian ALVAREZ - Wingsuit 3/ Late Pressure Flip Lipslide by Jesus - Majer Crew - Skate 4/ Steel Lafferty's Best Moments from Wakecation - Red Bull - Wakeboard 5/ Atomic Airtime I BLANK CANVAS, Nordkette - Atomic - Ski 6/ William Spencer: Spider-Man's Skating Stunt Double - Red Bull - Skate 7/ North Shore Hawaii House 2015 - Body Glove - Surf 8/ 18 Year Old Female BMX Rider, Nikita Ducarroz - The Come Up BMX - BMX 9/ DC L’INVASION 2015 - DC Shoes - Snow 10/ GoPro: Space Net BASE Jump - GoPro - Base Jump  

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Base jump

Sebastian Alvarez - Wingsuit Precision Flight VIVA CHILE!

Wingsuit pilot, Sebastian Alvarez, proving his precision flight skills in his home country, Santiago de Chile with  his squirrel suit, blasting through the Chilean flag placed on top of an extinct volcano, Cerro Manquehue.

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