Sebastian LINDA


Schnee Running

Jo & Leo from the Team Frab are two 13 year old Free Runners from Dresden. Last sunday it was below minus 10 Celsius. Nevertheless we went out. All my ND filters have been frozen from the spray of snow, while they would take all risk on slippery ground, performing one flip after the other. That´s what came out, kid´s made me proud! Schnee-Running! (en:snow = de:schnee) A film by Sebastian Linda More information about the shoot soon on: Making Of Free Runners Jo&Leo Team Frab = Music by Crywolf & Ianborg - Oceans  Free Download ( !!! ) Thanks for the song guys. It´s awesome for editing. Graphics by Roland Hartmann Special thanks to Leo´s mother Anette for attending the shoot and to the other parents for putting so much trust in their kids and me. Jo&Leo are looking for a training hall in Dresden. If you want to support the kids contact me. Filmed with Canon Eos Mark III Raw Magic Lantern 24mm Canon 1,4 L 50mm Canon 1,4 100mm 2,8 Macro 2 shots Gh1, Walimex Fisheye 7,5mm Gorilla Tripod Skateboard Postproduction in Da Vinci Resolve Lite -> Edited in Premiere CC - > Final Grade in Magic Bullet Looks

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