La Ford Fiesta ST Nouvelle Génération fait une entrée fracassante dans une vidéo....fracassante !

Tourné dans l'usine de Cologne, Allemagne, où est produite la Fiesta. -- Le pilote de WRC Toni Kelly et le téméraire pro de la cascade de BMX Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep vous présentent la Fiesta ST la plus sympa jamais produite dans une toute nouvelle vidéo bourrée d'action.

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Sebastian Keep Redefines BMX with MASSIVE Bridge Gaps-To-Wallrides | Walls

►Watch behind the scenes action on Bas' Channel! What makes ‘a spot’, a spot? For his latest project, “Walls”, UK BMX legend Sebastian Keep made it his mission to touch his tires on some of the most unique places in the UK. Showing what can be achieved with creativity, guts and carefully planned logistics - Bas pulls some of the most audacious gap-to-wallrides ever attempted, and redefines BMX progression in the process. WATCH More from Sebastian Keep: Song: ’Must Land Running’ performed by Stepdad, Written by Ryan McCarthy & Mark Tafel, Courtesy of Black Bell Records: _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Watch Red Bull TV: See into our world: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here: MASSIVE Bridge Gaps-To-Wallrides: Sebastian Keep Redefines BMX in ‘Walls'

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The idea started with lets take 2 small ramps to city centres to jump off multi storey car parks and bridges and land on buildings ,wall riding down them. We knew that what we were doing wasn't exactly legal so we decided to wear high vis jackets and hard hats and try our best to disguise ourselves as road workers so that people would leave us alone. It worked!  The spots we found on Google earth were bigger than we anticipated and so we tried to build practice set ups to help get used to the gaps. At the spot in Croydon nobody knew if it was possible to ride down 20 feet of vertical wall and after speaking to various pro riders who didn't have an answer for us we decided to try it... This video tells the story of how we rolled into city centres in the early hours disguised as builders in vans holding huge ramps, set them up and filmed our attempts at some of the biggest wall rides we could find...

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