Sewa Kroetkov Vs Moses Adams: BATB7 - Round 1

Sewa Kroetkov and Moses Adams battle it out in a game of S.K.A.T.E. during the first round of Battle at The Berrics 7 - Pros vs Joes.  The seventh installment of Battle At The Berrics pins 16 not so average "Joes" against 16 of the world's biggest pros. "Joe" slots were filled through an open call online video submission process to find the best undiscovered talent across the globe. With Joes hailing from South Africa, Switzerland, Spain, and all across America battling to make it to the top, this is truly the story of the underdog.  The Pros: Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Chris Cole, PJ Ladd, Eric Koston, Chaz Ortiz, Nyjah Huston, Mike Mo Capaldi, Shane O'neill, Trent McClung, Albert Nyberg, Tom Asta, Morgan Smith, Moose, Sewa Kroetkov, and Weiger Van Wageningen. The Joes: Cody Cepeda, Chris Chann, Nick Holt, Jonny Giger, CJ Tambornino, Tanner Lawler, Spencer Brown, Griffin Gass, Chhandy Khon, Will Fyock, Moses Adams, Gavin Nolan, Nate Principato, Cristian Vannella, Cody Whitt, and Eric Martinac.

3:41 14 204,817



Sewa Kroetkov pulled of one of the craziest flatground tricks ever!! 720 big flip? 720 bigger flip? biggest flip?? what to call this?

3:48 12 612,528


Sewa Kroetkov IOU - Blind Damn Sundays

Sewa Kroetkov IOU Part with Beats By Arkeologist Watch the Blind team ripping everything in their path in these exclusive edits for RIDE.  A diverse mixture of styles and terrain make for a great watch to get you ready to skate.

4:17 10 137,380