How did I get here: New Zealand

The temperatures in Utah were scorching so I booked a last minute flight to New Zealand for a mini summer vacation. I arrived in Queenstown, hitched a ride to Wanaka and immediately hopped on snow. Nothing beats a summer vacation to snow!

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How Did I Get Here: Argentina

The second stop on the Never Summer tour continues to the Northern Patagonia region of Argentina. We staged out of Refugio Frey in the backcountry of San Carlos de Bariloche to climb and ski couloirs.

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Sierra Quitiquit: How Did I Get Here Teaser

From the runway to the big mountain, professional skier and model Sierra Quitiquit is quickly redefining what it means to be a modern woman. How Did I Get Here—a film about her rise to the world stage—chronicles the journey, triumphs and challenges of Sierra’s incredible and inspirational story. Production: Director: Chris Kitchen, KGB Productions Co-Director: Sam Pope & Todd Jones Director of Photography: Chris Kitchen Creative Directon & Design: Bram Mamo & Ryan Griffin Executive Producer: Circe Wallace Producer: GROUP - Davide de Masi Additional Cinematography: Lieber Vision: Aaron Lieber, Warren Miller: Chris Patterson & Josh Haskins, Fourth Visuals: Fabian Gattlen, Sweetgrass Productions Music: Cleod9 music

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How Did I Get Here: Japan

Last winter Japan had an all times season. I was lucky enough to piggy back a modeling job in Tokyo with some of the best powder skiing of my life. Filmed on GoPro Hero4

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Sierra Quitiquit: How Did I Get Here Official Trailer

From humble beginnings, complex family dynamics and tragic, life-changing events, to her unlikely rise to success in two very different worlds: fashion modeling and professional skiing. “How Did I Get Here” is a coming-of-age story, full of adventure, exploration, heartbreak, growth and inspiration. Full Feature Releases iTunes December 15th. Music: Director: Chris Kitchen  Executive Producer: Circe Wallace Producer: Sierra Quitiquit Director of Photography: Chris Kitchen Associate Producer: Pedro Echart & Sam Pope  Original Score: Ian McLeod  Creative Direction and Art design: Brad Mamo Graphics and Titles: Ryan Griffin Editor: Chris Kirkpatrick Additional Cinematography: Aaron Lieber, Sam Pope, Forrest Woodward Todd Jones, Chris Kirkpatrick, Nick Kaliz Fabian Gattlen , Chris Patterson, Josh Haskins,  Nick Waggner, Micahel Brown, Zac Ramas, Ben Sturgulewski Distributor: The Orchard Staring: Sierra Quitiquit, Julia Mancusco  Tomomi Kanazawa, Alex Quitiquit, Cole Quitiquit

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