Blönduós Winner, The Choirboy

The Choirboy competing in the 4th match this year in Blönduós, Iceland.

5:34 1 805


The Choirboy

After a hard competition the Choirboys boddy was cracked up but that didn't stop us from completing the tournament. 

2:14 0 22,145


The Choirboy - Jósepsdal 2014

4:42 0 1,683


Vertical Climb Goes Wrong - Formula Offroad Hella, Iceland!

Formula Offroad in Hella, Iceland. Olafur Bragi Jonsson and Snorri Por Arnason, in Choirboy, loosing their wheels trying to climb a vertical hill! Produced by NEXT HERO and! #NEXTHERO

1:38 3 20,431