Madden Lake Mayhem - Wakecation - Ep 4

Episode 4 of Wakecation brings the boys to Madden Lake for a glassy and remote wake session in the middle of the Panamanian jungle. Parks shows off his one-footed barefoot skiing skills.

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Tow-In Sessions at the Perfect Bay - Wakecation - Ep 5

Parks and the boys head to Portobelo to explore the historic ruins. After spending a day searching some tow-in surfing locations, the crew finds the perfect bay to ride and make their Tropical Wakecation!

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TOP 10 n°29 : Some guys risk their life in one of the most dangerous wave in the world !

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°29 : 1/ The Right - A Short Film of Wave Slab Fury from Oz - Taublied Films - Surf 2/ Wingsuit Precision Flight VIVA CHILE! - Sebastian ALVAREZ - Wingsuit 3/ Late Pressure Flip Lipslide by Jesus - Majer Crew - Skate 4/ Steel Lafferty's Best Moments from Wakecation - Red Bull - Wakeboard 5/ Atomic Airtime I BLANK CANVAS, Nordkette - Atomic - Ski 6/ William Spencer: Spider-Man's Skating Stunt Double - Red Bull - Skate 7/ North Shore Hawaii House 2015 - Body Glove - Surf 8/ 18 Year Old Female BMX Rider, Nikita Ducarroz - The Come Up BMX - BMX 9/ DC L’INVASION 2015 - DC Shoes - Snow 10/ GoPro: Space Net BASE Jump - GoPro - Base Jump  

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Steel Lafferty's Best Moments from Wakecation

Steel Lafferty takes a trip with Parks Bonifay and Brian Grubb. The guys were looking for a way to relax and unwind, and the only way they found was.... riding behind airplanes, winching a huge road gap and general cable park foolery with the locals. It’s not your typical vacation; it’s a Wakecation.

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