Oberau, DE



52 years old

Hi, my name is Stefan Glowacz. My discipline is free climbing. I was born on 2 March 1965 in Bavaria, Germany. My special talent is going above and beyond. My philosophy of life is determination is the key. The most important person in my life is my children.


Stefan Glowacz was always going to become one of the most successful alpinists ever. Born in 1965, from an early age his parents shared with him their love of the mountains and different terrains that he would later claim as home.

When Stefan speaks of those childhood memories, it seems he was always destined to climb. "As a child, I climbed on every rock while on hikes with my parents," he remembers. His fascination with rocks never left him. As the rocks became steeper and terrain more treacherous, his relentless motivation enabled him to continue onwards and upwards to meet new challenges.

It’s this mixture of humility, childish curiosity, and pride that sends SG to all areas of the world. His parents laid the groundwork, but his ambition transformed him into an all-round climber and self-made entrepreneur.

In the late '80s, many lived to climb, but Stefan wanted more – to climb to live. He discovered early that in order to transform his passion into a profession, the real work started at the bottom of the vertical wall. He won the Rock Masters in Arco, Italy, was invited as a guest on the TV show Das Aktuelle Sportstudio in Germany, and acted in the Werner Herzog movie Der Schrei aus Stein.

He was later named the 1987, 1988 and 1992 Rock Master, winning the Albertville Olympic demo challenge the same year. These days, Stefan prefers to conquer natural terrains. He travels the world on breathtaking expeditions, tackling some of the toughest routes, including the 700m-tall Quernbiter Fjord on Baffin Island, the 600m high and very overhanging arête on the north face of the Roraima Tepui in Venezuela, and opening a 300m route through the roof of the Majlis al Jinn cave in Oman.

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