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Ever heard of balloonskiing? Flying up a mountain with a hot air balloon, then dropping the altitude as fast as possible and enjoying the eco-friendly powder snow - sound like a crazy idea? The “Heimschnee-Crew” together with VAUDE athlete Stephan Keck has done it! What better way to start this event than by letting nature decide your fate and just being led by the wind. Looking for a daredevil challenge to test their limits, the freeskiing crew invented balloonskiing. It's the perfect way to experience the wonders of nature while feeling as free and unconstrained as a bird. Check out our exclusive part of the upcoming movie "Heimschnee" at and Produced by: Bergkult Productions (Tyrol 2015) Rider: Stephan Keck, Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger, Viktoria Veider and Markus Pumpfer Music: Mother's Cake - Ecstasy Subscribe to our Channel for more Outdoor Movies: Find out more about Vaude on our Website:  Like us on Facebook: Visit us on Google+: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Pinterest: Watch more Outdoor Movies on this Playlist: Explore the beauty of nature, no matter what weather, temperature & countryside. VAUDE is Europe’s most environmentally friendly outdoor brand, to let sportsmen & women enjoy nature & to support their outdoor adventures like free skiing, climbing, hiking & mountain biking. Mountain sports are our roots & mountains our foundation & brand symbol. They stand for the high expectations in our work at VAUDE. Witness the fascination of outdoor adventures on our channel.

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