We need this boat !

It's not an usual boat, it's a shark boat!

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Crash spectaculaire en GT4 au Red Bull Ring

Un spectaculaire crash s'est produit ce dimanche 7 juin dans une course de GT4 au Red Bull Ring (Autriche) entre l'Aston Martin de Jörg Viebahn et la Sin R1 GT4 de Rosen Daskalov. Les pilotes ont pu s'extraire de leurs voitures par leurs propres moyens.

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When Burnouts go bad!

This bikie was providing so much appreciated entertainment at a meet up, when the bike’s oil duct malfunctioned and flames exploded from the bike. What followed was a mad scramble to put the fire out!

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Fmx crash between two friends !!

Watch this terrible crash between this two friends riders!

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Moto GP Le Mans// Epic Battle : Marquez ft Iannone

Here the recap of this amazing battle between Marquez & Iannone during the french GP at Le Mans. 

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"I believe I can fly" // FMX

Watch this big FMX crash 

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He stomps a 360° on a dirtbike!!

Nice skills for this riders who lands a perfect 360° after hit a tree!

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Big crash at the Red Bull Soap Box Race Car

Red Bull Soap Box Race car loses steering and flies off the side of the berm, driver was lucky not to die!

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