CITYHOPPER WORLD: Sven Boekhorst Rollerblade is proud to present you Cityhopper World. 5 years ago the Cityhopper crew started with an idea that quickly made a huge impact in the skating scene. Here you see the latest installment: Cityhopper World.  In this video the team of passionate skaters and filmmakers take you on a journey across the globe. The team visited Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Cape Town and Amsterdam. Packed with their skates, camera gear and the jumpramp they bring you world-class tricks on world famous spots.  Visit for more insight. CITYHOPPER CREDITS Skater: Sven Boekhorst @svenboekhorst Editing: Remy Cadier @remycadier Camera: Remy Cadier, Axel van Dijk @axelfreelens, Niels Groenendijk @nielsnootaap Graphics: Niels Groenendijk Production: Timmy v. Rixtel, Randy Abels & Dick Heerkens Music:

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