John John Florence vs. Taj Burrow - Fiji Pro 2016

John John Florence battles Taj Burrow in Round Three, Heat 10 of the 2016 Fiji Pro.Subscribe to the WSL for more action: all the latest surfing action of the world's best surfers in the world's best waves. Heats on demand, event highlights and exclusive interviews, right here on the WSL's Youtube channel.For More Visit: the WSL on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on Google+: our Tumblr:

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How to do a Frontside Air-Reverse with Taj Burrow

Want to learn how to surf better? Learn from the world's best through Surfline's Pro Tips, a complete how-to series created to improve your surfing skills. In this episode, we go over a frontside air-reverse with Taj Burrow.Become a better surfer. Watch more episodes: to our channel: I'm Taj Burrow. I’m going to talk you guys through a frontside air reverse. Frontside air reverse, yeah that's my most common air for sure. When I'm paddling into a wave that just got air written all over it, you know I’m just taking off and I'm just eyeing off that section down the end and I just want to get to down the end and punt an air reverse.It is obviously better if you do have speed, you can get a lot higher. You know any size wave really, from you know two foot up to six foot if you have the balls for it. Get that stance going and then make sure you throw your body into to get that rotation and make sure your boards attached. For me, as you go for the grab I want to throw my right shoulder into the spin, the whole body. It will be your left shoulder if you're goofy foot. Once you have thrown your body into that position, you want to have your body over your front foot at that stage I’d say. You'd go for the grab, you’d spin, and you your goal would be to just land tail first, make sure your tail’s pointedstraight toward the beach.Sometimes it works perfect, other times you might fall right into the transition and you can easily slip off and stack it, or your board can flip and all sorts can go wrong. Normally if you land on the lip and then down the transition really fast, I think that that looks best. Obviously a light little crumbly onshore winds probably the best, either onshore even a bit side shore, coming straight toward you. It always makes it easier and helps your board stick your feet and even throws you into the rotation. A good idea to shuffle that front foot forward you know, it makes it a bit easier if you adopt a big stink bug stance, as bad as that sounds it really does work. I'd say it's about time you should get off the computer and go try one of these things.-Taj Burrow

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Base jump

Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°9 - Riders Match

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Surfing in Bali is everything | Sessions - Keramas

►Click here for more surfing: is surfing's high flying, fast living epicentre.Every year after the globe's best surfers are finished with the Australian leg of the world tour, the planet's more fun-loving surfers take their talents to Bali, where Komune Resort hosts the Mad Hueys' annual one-star event. Low on points, but through-the-roof on talent, the poolside extravaganza – held at high performance hotspot Keramas – proudly flies the flag for surfing larrikinism on land, while pushing performance levels in the water._Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.Watch Red Bull TV: into our world: Bull on Facebook: Bull on Twitter: to Red Bull on Youtube: to the Red Bulletin: up for our Newsletter here:

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Epic HT's June 6 in Slow Mo starring Taj Burrow and friends

Amazing show last week in front of the Resort

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I luv shooting Surfing more than anything, its not just a job, its a passion. Heres some of my favourite moments from 2016. Thanks to all the amazing surfers i was fortunate enough to work with. All images where shot using the Phantom Flex 4K camera with Arri Ultra Prime lenses and Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housing. Please visit my website for more info: WWW.CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM or EMAIL: CHRIS@CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM Feel free to share this link: Follow Chris on Instagram @CHRISBRYANFILMS if your interested in seeing more of his work and travels. Edit: Tom Hannam (@tomhannam) Music Artist: Piers Baron - "Waltz of the Bells" Soundmix: Nick West (Smith and Western Sound) Colour Grade: Dwayne Hyde Surfers in order of appearance: Screen Shot: Anthony Walsh Opening shot: Koa Rothman Koa Rothman Luke Davis Craig Anderson Albee Layer Jeremy Flores Cyclops (empty wave) Chris Ross Mick Fanning x 2 Laurie Towner Matt Meola x 3 Taj Burrow x 3 John Florence x 3 Kolohe Andino John Florence x 2 Dan Ryan (Closing shot)

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Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Highlights for Rounds 3, 4 and 5

Stop No. 1 on the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour is down to the final eight contenders. Watch the big moments and bigger upsets from a full day of competition.


Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Round 2 Highlights

All the top moments from the first elimination round at Snapper Rocks.

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