Tim Shieff Showreel 2014

A compilation of projects that I have worked on over the past year! It's been wonderful to witness change in the world around me and opportunities that have come my way since focusing solely on changing myself. Enquiries: Music:  Rich Hil ft. The Weeknd - Nomads Videos featured in order: Freerunning Artist Flow Goes: Hong Kong Go Slow Ellie Gouldng - Figure 8 Burn Presents: Visions Disclosure - You & Me Peugeot 2008 Crossover | Carkour Police Parkour (Goretex) Top Gear: Parkour vs Motorcyclist (season 20) Man Catches the London Underground in a Handstand Storm Freerun: Barcelona The Forgotten Athletes Flow Goes: Thailand Vertical Race Flow Goes: Egypt (unreleased) Arctic Monkeys - Why do you only call me when you're high? Vegan Sheppards Pie Sobeys Jamie Oliver Commercial Love in a Handstand o2 Untouchables Santorini Yoga (unreleased) Edited by Tim Shieff & Visive Productions

3:55 14 448,712