RIDING AN ABANDONED RAF BASE set off with my brother lewi, tom cardy and his brother jack towards cambridgeshire,uk to find an abandoned RAF base.So there is like 30 building here to explore along with 2 tanks and loads of really cool stuff, we even managed to make a quarter pipe out of a huge pile of dirt which was awesome!I thought it was cool that we were literally riding an abandoned raf base, it was super fun!It really is crazy to see a tank just left alone amongst derelict building's, it would make an awesome scene for a zombie movie thats for sure!! Shot on Sony fs5 and GoPro karma drone. ENJOY! Music: BluntedBeatz - To The Top

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Mountain bike


So me and tom cardy went and explored an abandoned WW2 fort in harwich, UK and thought that it would be fun to ride our bikes there. It actually turned out to be pretty difficult to make cool things to ride and we had to go back twice to get enough footage for this edit. It was definitely more of a challenge than we thought but that made it more fun in the end! I hope you enjoy it!

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