The Scent of Life - Tom Court - Episode 1

The first episode of this original series follows professional kiteboarder Tom Court as he braves the elements in a visually stunning sensorial experience. Extreme athletes are not just performers. They are individuals who managed to forge a strong relationship with nature. Tom's intrinsic connection to the natural elements helps him to make tough decisions and push the limits of his sport. Tom is strong and soft at the same time, intense yet elegant, precise yet instinctual. He overcomes obstacles, fuses with the ocean and the wind and feels deeply alive. An original series by Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò.

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Fastest way to the beach - Mura Masa - Lovesick

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South Africa Kite Loop session

Occasionally I go out for some loops! Having broken my rib several years in a row doing exactly that, it is always an adrenaline rush to go out in strong winds and send some big kite loops. I was in the South African first Redbull King of the Air back in 2013 and couldn't continue riding due to a broken rib, so I thought I would throw together a few clips from last year to see if another entry would stick... Bring on South Africa for the KOTA 2016! See you there! Get your freeridepoject vest here: Filmed by; Sophie mathews - Music: UPPM database Robotic Chic Bordat - Dubstep

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European Junior Kitesurf Comp 2012

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Pure Magic Battle for the Lake 2014- Achill Island goes wild!

The kite and music festival of Achill Island- West Coast Ireland Finale of IKSA Tour 2014

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UKcrew Rail Project 2.0 - Kitesurf Video

Aaron Haldow, Tom Court, Sam Light, James Boulding, Kiteboarding, Rails. This amazing kitesurf video show you what some kitesurfers are able to do. Do you thonk you can do better? Then post your action sport video on RidersMatch.

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Tom Court - kitesurf video

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Tom Court - Kitesurf Video

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