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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2015 – Action Clip – La Rochelle, France

Champion Gary Hunt wins and Blake Aldridge performs the world's most difficult dive at second stop of the 2015 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in France. Hunt makes it back-to-back wins in the 2015 World Series with victory in La Rochelle. Fellow Brit Blake Aldridge performs a brand-new dive to come second, while Orlando Duque repeats his third-placed finish from Colombia. As of today these three athletes also lead the overall standings after two of eight stops. A record number of spectators for a World Series event watched the competition unfold as 75,000 pairs of hands propelled 13 of the world's best cliff divers to excel from the 27.5m-platform on the Saint Nicolas Tower on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the athletes reaching speeds of 85kph during their three-second dives.

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Base jump

"Off The Hook" Worlds Highest Suspension Base Jump ! Raw Footage

Watch this incredible jump ! Not for the sensitive skins !  Filmed by Adventure Planet 

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Base jump

The French Slide - BASE jump Viaduc de Millau

Join the Swedish BASE-crew for an epic roller coaster ride! Directly from the Viaduc de Millau in France. To a BASE jumper, this might not seem that thrilling, but the ride is intense!

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Paramotors Are The Ultimate Personal Flying Machine

Almost cool enough to make up for hover-boards.

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Paragliding in the Mountains, Mayrhofen, Austria March 2015

An awesome birthday present by girlfriend!

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THEY REPRODUCE FAST AND FURIOUS - Launching cars from a plane

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Base jump

Big jumps above a football stadium : insane !

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Snacking on a military plane

Look how they passed this snaking bar!

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