Lost & Found // Tristan Guilbaud

Just a good old last minute trip on an unexpected island in Western Africa earlier this year. Five days of intense surfing with an amazing crew and some lifetime memories. Filming & Editing : Falling Angels Prod / Comptoir du Surf Instagram account : @tristanguilbaud Facebook page : Tristan GUILBAUD

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Poule Partie

Fun little surf in the amazing crystal clear waters of Boomerang Beach // Australia between two contests with the frenchies Tristan Guilbaud, Dimitri Ouvre, Jorgan Couzinet & Paul-César Distinguin.

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Winter Breaks - Ep1 - Gaspard Larsonneur & Tristan Guilbaud

What do we say to winter? Not today!!! A winter escape by Tristan & Gaspard // A production Hocus-Focus by Ronan Gladu & Martin Viezzer.

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Protest Pin It - Episode 3 - Hossegor France

What would a surf road trip in Europe be without visiting the French coast line? In the third episode of Protest Pin It, Oli Adams places his pin in the backyard of his team buddy Tristan Guilbaud. To make the pack complete Jatyr Berasaluce and Yannick de Jager head over to have a share of the French lifestyle and swell. Will the wind drop to give the boys some of the infamous French pleasures?

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Protest Pin It - Episode 1 - Thurso Scotland

In this first episode Protest rider Tristan Guilbaud placed his pin in Thurso, Scotland. Inspired by the stories of his team friends Oli Adams and Yannick de Jager he wanted to surf the big waves as well. Well one thing is for sure, Tristan didn't get disappointed.

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Official Teaser Protest Pin It - Surf 2014

We take four of our best surfers, surf gear, an outstanding film crew, a van and pure freedom. Main goal: Take the map, pin down and surf the best swells Europe has to offer. Whether it’s a remote, pristine location or a well-known spot; it’s the surf that counts.It all started about 8 months ago at the headquarters of Protest in The Netherlands. During the evaluation of previous surf video projects with our team riders, we mutually decided that our next video project had to be about the best part of surfing: surfing.The film crew will follow our riders on their ultimate road trip. You will feel the joy of freedom, the blissful moments of surfing, but also the struggles and inconveniences of a pro surfer’s life. By using the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, we will add a unique dimension to all our episodes.More stories, less interviews. More freedom, less plans and first and foremost, surf. Feel what the real stoke is about. Protest to get there!

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SeventyOne Percent : la Crème de la Crème - Nautic Video Awards 2014

This video is engaged in the Nautic Video Awards 2014 Follow the video contest here :

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Stek - Tristan Guilbaud Reunion Island

Tristan is back in Reunion Island! Amazing video by Eliott Badique, check his vimeo and his facebook page just below! Enjoy! A video by Stek montaz / Eliott BADIQUE Join his facebook page here : Sponsors : Protest, Creature, Seventy One percent Music : Foster the people - Helena Beat

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