Epic paragliding D-BAG

First afternoon of dropping in D-BAG paragliding on the site of Mieussy in Haute Savoie. (the cradle of paragliding) Thanks to Pierrot for help with folding and Bouinou for the pictures. A big thanks to Jeannot for the first drop. @ redo very quickly;)Musique Tyler Keene The Great Tide

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paragliding compil

 In 2016 I take you to fly on some sites abroad and in Haute Savoie. Landscapes, proximity theft, ceilings, Soaring and a little acro to sum up this beautiful year (complicated on the end)

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Freestyle 3 Paragliding Bad Spin Good SAT

Freestyle 3 Paragliding Bad Spin Good SAT

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Amazing paragliding flight incident training extreme SIV

Training flight incidents over Lake Annecy. The mini wing Goose 19.5 m2 Little Cloud 360 face planet, asymmetrical closure, front closure (Big collapse ) , stalls .... School Great Outdoors Talloires Thank you to Victor and SamTOBU pour la musique My own Paradise 

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Speed Flying les crets salève

A new Speed ​​Flying morning at Salève " les crets " with Flying Planet mutant of 11m24 Runs  to continue to train landing  Thanks to Matlaride and HugoTeam Mutant SalèveFX- M Black Music The Rage

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The Magic Dune of Pyla

The Magic Dune of Pyla Soaring flight on the Atlantic side early this week Terms formidable to train at inflation in strong winds and especially empty her veil ; ) Soaring on the beach, hit Stabilo What Happiness The Goose is a really great toy dune Wing goose L 19.5 m2 Little CloudMusic Tyler keene

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paragliding compilation

A new compilation of my 2014 paragliding mainly on the sites of Salève and Passy joux plain and Varan high Savoie , Savoie Verel and Aiguebelette , Charmey Switzerland. Soaring , wing , 360 , closures, crossings clouds and flying near big rock bars that good memories Changing Alpha 4 24 wings Advance to 19.5 Goose Little Cloud. Really handy new toy. Visit for more Music  Skip  Roxy

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Paragliding compilation

Compilation of my paragliding 2013. Soaring , Clouds crossings , rock bars , 360, flying nearby, finally that of happiness The main sites are the Salève , Mieussy , in Haute Savoie Passy and Sir , Verel and Aiguebelette in Savoy, the Puy de Dome in Auvergne and the Dune du Pilat in the Gironde.Musique "Hawaii (Niva Mix)" de Blackbird Blackbird

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