A quest to the west of Africa for Duvi. An intense surf trip, always looking for uncrowded places where the roads are ending. A cool trip made during the early spring, mixing differents cultures, nice people and great waves.

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Riders Match - Top 10 Extreme Sports 2017 #1 - Enjoy our First Top Ten of 2017 ! Surf, Skate, Snow, Hydrofoil, MTB, SUP Surfing, Parkour, Truck ... The best of action sports is on 1/ Red Bull : Russian Kamaz Truck Sends a Snow Jump 2/ Thrasher Magazine : New Balance's "Solo Brasileiro" 3/ Calen Chan : POV Full Run - China Skyladder Comp 4/ Julien Turpaud : ILLOGICAL 5/ GoPro : Travis Rice's Dream Line with Karma Grip in 4K 6/ Horue Movie : The Hole - Self propelled foil board 7/ Benoit Carpentier : Out Of France #3 Indonesia 8/ Lucky Boy : Chapitre 5 : Team Lucky Boy 9/ RadCow : 3 Wheels and No Brakes 10/ Outside TV : Surfing With Pets - In the Zone Best action sport videos now on !  Subscribe to Riders Match !  YouTube : Facebook :‬ Instagram : Twitter :!/ridersmatch‬ Google + :

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SURF I Rip Curl Challenge Hossegor "La Nord"

SURF I Rip Curl Challenge Hossegor "La Nord" Big waves competition at the famous spot of "La Nord" in Hossegor, south of France. SUBSCRIBE HERE for daily Xtreme Videos: 2m50 minimum required to launch this competition with a waiting period from December to January! After few days, on the 21 December, 50 competitors, pre-selected by their surf club, were in Hossegor to be part of the contest. La Nord, as the french called it, is the XL wave of "Landes" coast, one of the most technical spot and probably the most powerful spot in France. Engagement, the size of the wave, technicality of the drop will be the conditions to win this "RIp Curl Challenge"!  Results: 1. Vincent Duvignac 2. Nelson Cloarec 3. Floris Figues Biggest Wave: Duvignac Best Wipe-out: Marc Mares PRODUCTION Xtreme Video SHOOT & EDIT  Grégory Ménager Go Pro Shoot :  Arthur Gaume RIDERS Vincent Duvignac Eric Rebière Nelson Cloarec Fred Compagnon Marc Mares Rémi Arauzo Fabrice Gelez Jean Seb Estienne & more MUSIC Sunshine Days (Andrew Britton, David Goldsmith) ATMOS279 - UPPM Wings (Harry Vaman)  KOK2346 - UPPM THANKS TO Rip Curl ( Renault DAX FCS KAHMO SURF EUROPE L'étiquette Hossegor GOPRO Conseil Général des Landes Comité des Landes de Surf Hossegor Surf Club XTreme Video features awesome extreme sports all over the world! Subscribe To X-Treme Here: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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3 days / 2 surfers Lost in the moroccan desert Filmed and Edited By Antoine CHICOYE Music : Todd TERJE - YALI YALI / SOFI TUKKER - Matadora

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Surfing | Barrel Session | French Playground

South of France - April 9th some of the best French surfers having fun on their playground! Subscribe here for daily Xtreme Videos: Riders : Patrick BEVEN - Aldric GOD - Vincent DUVIGNAC - Chad BIKOUMOU - JOJO - Arnaud DARRIGADE - Kevin OLSEN - Antoine DELPERO - Greg PASTUSIAK -DARREN - Rohann GIRAUDET - Rogerio RONDON - Charly QUIVRONT - Justine DUPONT Filmed & Edited by : Gregory Ménager Music : Dylan (Joshua David Silverberg, Matthew Robert I Scrimenti) RNM49 - UPPM XTreme Video features awesome extreme sports all over the world! Subscribe To X-Treme Here: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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Regular Fall with Vincent DUVIGNAC

2min34... One sand bank... 40 barrels. This is Vincent DUVIGNAC, scoring home like no one. The 29 YO former regular footer and local native is probably the most intense surfer to watch out there. The seasonal shift from Fall to Winter is around the corner and Vincent already packed his boardbag to get ready for his next adventure leaving his homebreak for searching for new places. Credits -Michael Darrigade -Alex Lesbats -Falling Angels Prod -Laurent Pujol -Lkrtel

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Une envie.. aller en Indo. C'était en mai dernier, les swells s'enchaînaient dans cette zone. Chez nous l'hiver jouait les prolongations… La décision est prise, "Amigo on se retrouve à Sumbawa, bon voyage, et j'espère t'y voir !!". Huit jours de trip, filmés par Alex Lesbats, avec du surf, de la moto, des mi et nasi-goreng ! Moins chanceux, Duvi, tombant sur sa dérive, n'aura surfé que 4 jours, mais Doudou a quand à lui tout fracassé, même ses boards, plusieurs fois, et même recollées deux fois, ça carve dur pour le chevelu ! Merci la Super-Glue! Edit: Falling Angels Prod

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