Great Britain's Will Asher remains at the top as arguably the best skier in the world. With a solid, refined and precise yet fluid style, he's seen his share of contenders come and go but continues to stand atop podiums with high consistency. His passion for skiing shows through his seriousness on and off the water by attacking 100% of his passes and training sessions devotedly. "I love this sport, being dedicated is easy. I love skiing and really enjoy the training and the challenge. There is nothing I would rather be doing. I am passionate about everything I do and want to be the best."

Titles: Slalom Skier of the Year: 2011 - Waterski Magazine, 2012 European Championships, 2011 Malibu Open, 2010 Europeans, 2010 Diablo Shores Pro-Am, 2010 Three Sisters Pro-Am, 2010 Princes Pro-Am, 2010 Malibu Open, 2010 Global Invitational, 2010 US Masters, 2009 World Championships, 2009 Global Marine/Mastercraft Pro, 2009 US Masters, 2008 Diablo Shores Pro-Am, 2008 European Championships, 2008 Princes Pro-Am, 2008 Malibu Open, 2008 Mastercraft Pro-Tour #1, 2008 US Masters, 2001 Diablo Shores Pro, 2007 H2Osmosis Pro Swerve, 2006 Diablo Shores Pro, 2006 US Masters, 2005 World Championships, 2005 French Masters, 2004 Malibu Open, 2003 European Championships, 2003 21 and Under Worlds, 2003 Princes Pro Ams

Silver Medals: 2012 Atlanta Pro-Am, 2011 Global Invitational, 2011 Moomba Masters, 2009 Diablo Shores Pro Am, 2009 EAME Championships, 2007 Boardstock, 2006 US Open, 2006 Princes Pro Am, 2006 Malibu Open,2005 Princes Pro-Am, 2004 EAME Championships, 2004 Princes Pro Am, 2004 French Masters, 2003 World Championships, 2003 2003 French Masters

Bronze Medals: 2012 Malibu Open, 2011 US Masters, 2009 Alizee Cup, 2008 Mastercraft Pro Tour #6, 2007 US Open, 2005 US Open, 2005 Malibu Open, 2003 World 21&Under Championships

Highest World Rank: 1

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