Sage Kotsenburg & Will Jackways Video, LearningByDoing, EP4

Some of the best snow conditions of the entire winter came in April and with them came two of the best riders to visit me. Olympic Gold winner Sage Kotsenburg and Kiwi Will Jackways came and had a great couple of days riding jumps and natural features in St Anton a Arlberg.

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Photographing in Deep Snow, LearningByDoing, EP1

Will Jackways and I spend the day shooting together in waist deep snow in the Arlberg region, Austria. I explain what goes into making a good snowboard photo and how I look after my equipment in those harsh conditions.

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TOP 10 n°39: Amazing planes aerobatics at 300kph !

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Approach & Attack: New Zealand

New Zealand section from the movie ¨Approach & Attack¨. what´s the whole film here: Location: Southern Alps, New Zealand Snowboarding by: Antti Autti , Will Jackways Filmed by: Teemu Lahtinen Edited by: Teemu Lahtinen Music: Wolf People - One By One From Dorney Reach Album: Steeple

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