Stand Up Paddle

SUP Surfing the Kelly Slater Wave Pool

Legendary surfer Ian Cairns SUP surfs man-made perfection at the Kelly Slater Wave Company 

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Mountain bike

Would you dare to dive with Ocean Ramsey's sharks ? | BEST OF THE WEEK nΒ°21 - Riders Match

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Mountain bike

Stunning MTB masterclass: Matt Jones | Frames Of Mind

Check out Matt's channel right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEu... Check out how how Matt Jones visualises tricks and pushes MTB freestyle skills to the very limit, providing a fresh view into how elite athletes use sports psychology to compete at the highest level. Using gripping rotoscoping techniques the latest film sees Red Bull’s young gun demonstrate unique tricks including world-firsts in freestyle mountain biking: Bum Slide, 270 Rim Bonk, Hitching Post Flip to Feet, Decade Tsunami, Superman Backflip to tuc no-hander.Within the film, an advanced editing technique β€˜rotoscoping’ was used by Cut Media to enable the audience to see what's going through Matt’s head as he prepared for seemingly impossible tricks. This required an intricate process, cutting out countless sequential frames, in order to create the floating β€˜traces’ seen in the final production.

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Lakai Fully Flared Intro

Lakai Fully Flared Intro (re-mastered in 720p HD) 

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Antoine Bizet dΓ©fie les lois de la nature | BEST OF THE WEEK nΒ°20 - Riders Match

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Dirt Shark - The Goat Farm 2 Stroke

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Bastien Salabanzi | Primitive Skate Pin Up Series

A day at Sheldon Park with Bastien Salabanzi for the new pin up deck series. Available now at http://primitiveskate.com. Filmed and edited by: Kevin Perez

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