#AIR14 Patrouille Suisse

The highlights of the Patrouille Suisse at the AIR14 Airshow in Payerne (Switzerland). Editing : Yannick Barthe Images onboard : DDPS Images on ground : Yannick Barthe Copyright DDPS, Yannick Barthe and Electronic Media Center EMC

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Extreme paragliding D-Bag at 6000m, Switzerland 2014

After a lot of d-bag at standard altitude with the same team, the Cat Acro Team and Balloon Concept wanted to push the flight to another level. We requested an aerial traffic control authorization to reach the altitude of 6000m (FL 195). To ensure the good physical conditions of the pilots before the drop, they were supplied with oxygen from the hot air balloon. Many thanks to our main partners : TOTAL Suisse and ADR Toitures. A special thanks to our team.

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