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At Deuce Generation we believe in being the best in class, and everything we do reflects our commitment to creating shoes you want to wear every day. From the classic design, the science, the quality, through to our customer service, we go beyond the norm on every level. The Design – we are passionate about injecting new, dynamic shoe designs into the Deuce range that are fashionable, but more importantly have style - because we want to wear them too! Much like a new engine under a classic hood, our retro look captures the best design elements of the past, updated with the latest advancements in materials and surface treatments. The Science – We pride ourselves on creating the most comfortable shoes out there. We do this by investing in the technology behind all the features that count. Our vulcanised soles contain the highest rubber content possible while still having the guts to last the distance. We have added cushioning inside the heel of the shoe for greater impact support, and we have given each pair removable, breathable, washable footbeds that won’t stink over time. Respect! The Quality – Often there is a compromise between ultimate comfort and durability, and so by exhaustive trial and error, we have developed over time the best of both worlds. We stand by the quality of our shoes and have full confidence in their performance, no matter what adventure you undertake. Customer Service – Our staff are measured on everything related to customer satisfaction, to bring you the best possible service at all times. But more than that, we know why we are here, we love what we do and simply want to share the fun and positivity that is the Deuce Generation experience. Life is too short to not be wearing Deuce Generation!