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ABEC 11 - Kiefer Dixon Going Green

Kiefer Dixon's primary form of transportation is his skateboard. When not winning push races such as Broadway Bomb, his smooth and effortless style is often the only thing fluid in the start and stop traffic mix found downtown. The hometown hero skates every day on the streets of Bronx and Manhattan and it's how he manages to finish marathons in a brisk hour and 38 minutes (over 16 mph). Go green with Kiefer and enjoy the ride!

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Douglas Dalua - Back on Board (JET / Liquid / ABEC 11)

Brazilian powerhouse, Douglas Dalua, doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his passion for longboarding. Over the years he’s earned titles and international recognition in downhill skating, but not without a price. Several injuries and a few surgeries later, he’s back and ready for the 2016 season. Glad to have you back on board Dalua!

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Douglas Dalua (Raw Run) - Almabtrieb 2014

Douglas Dalua charges hard down this raw run at Almabtrieb 2014. Follow Cam: Mikel Echegaray Diez

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Sergio Yuppie - King of Downhill Slide (TRAILER)

This is the trailer to the documentary that celebrates a life driven by passion and adversity. A Brazilian rags to riches story when wealth is not measured by monetary value. A living, breathing example that you can achieve your goals, no matter how big you dream. This is the story of Sergio Yuppie. Directed/filmed/edited: Michael Alfuso Producer: Chris Chaput  Assistant Camera: Rory Russell Production Coordinator: Brad Teschner Stunt Car: Christian Hunt Music: "Left Us To Mold" by Unida

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