Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany

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Outdoor Ice Climbing Norway - Long Edit - 2012

Watch the full journey of Guido Unterwurzacher and Christian Hechenberger's ice climbing trip to Norway. More stories in our FREE iPad® magazine: Addidas -

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Adidas Outdoor presents Alex Luger Highballs Ep 2 @ Mainstream - Climbing

Highballs pt. 2 - Watch Alex Luger's approach in "Highball bouldering" climbing the "Mainstream" in Ticino, Switzerland. Get a sense of the extraordinary surface of the boulder that Alex defines to be a "building's rough-plaster face". His body temperature and therefore the surrounding temperature need to remain cold throughout the climb in order to ensure his skin to be adhesive - Stick to the stone, Alex Luger completely rocks it! More videos from Adidas Outdoor here:

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Adidas Outdoor presents Bernd Zangerl @ Ticino - Climbing

Highballs pt. 1 - Check out this video clip featuring Bernd Zangerl in the Swiss canton of Ticino, bringing you closer to "Highballing" and its characteristics. Experience the technically advanced and risky "Highball bouldering" when Bernd climbs the Siberian Express getting over the "Point of no return". The route he takes contains unique difficulties like a small jump to a ledge at the beginning followed by a part with extremely slippery holds where no active grabbing is possible. All this before the crux of the boulder - Just enormous! More videos from Adidas Outdoor here:

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Adidas Outdoor presents Out of the Dark Teaser Oman Read Macadam & Jakob Oberhauser climbing

Read Macadam and Jakob Oberhauser, two climbers based in Mascat/Oman, are pushing climbing in the Middle East in recent years. Jakob is more interested in discovering alpine routes, while Read, who has a sport climbing background, has established some of the most difficult climbs in Oman. He is increasingly motivated to discover alpine climbing with Jakob, and both of them try to fullfill their dream of climbing out of one of the several beautiful and deep caves of the Sultanate. Their story is a metaphor for climbing and getting through rough patches in life -- Out of the Dark! Check out the teaser video and stay tuned for the complete episode! More videos from Adidas Outdoor here:

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Impossible Invitation with Kevin Jorgenson - Climbing

A look into the life of Kevin Jorgeson and his impossible invitation to free the hardest unclimbed big wall route in the word. Directed & Filmed by: Andy Mann & Keith Ladzinski Edited by: Andy Mann & Josh Povec Assistant Editor: Lilly Rosenthal More videos from Adidas Outdoor here:

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Adidas Outdoor presents La Esfinge - Climbing

Check out the short edit of Edu Marin's and Dani Moreno's Trip to Peru to approach La Esfinge. More videos from Adidas Outdoor here:

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adidas Outdoor presents Wallstreet Germany with Mélissa Le Nevé - Climbing Bouldering

Check out Mélissa Le Nevé completing the world famous "Wallstreet" 8c in Franconian Switzerland, Germany. She is the first woman climbing to the top, 27 years after the first ascent by Wolfgang Güllich. Wallstreet was the first 8c in the world. The area "Frankenjura" is filled with fairytale-like sculptures of rock distributed throughout the forecasts. More videos from adidas Outdoor here:

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adidas Outdoor - Río Palguin | Chile Pangal Andrade - Kayaking

Pangal Andrade is dropping down two stunning waterfalls. He is showing amazing control over his kayak even though he needs to let go his paddle on the second dropdown. Respect !

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