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AR Family Video Portrait: Tanner Hall "New Beginning"

Legend. Icon. Renegade. Whatever you call Tanner, no one has moved skiing's needle more in the last 15 years, all the while refusing to conform to anyone's idea of who he should be - except his own. Nor has anyone been a bigger part of Armada, he's been with us since Day One as one of our founders. In this season's first AR Family episode, one of skiing's most powerful forces and unapologetic voices reflects on his personal and professional journey, and writing his next chapter. Filmed by Corey Stanton & Brady Perron Additional Footage Courtesy of: CP/Inspired Media Tanner Hall Poorboyz Productions, purchase Tanner's most recent film segment here:

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RIKSGRÄNSEN - Ski session in Sweden

Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Jacob Wester, and Kim Boberg enjoyed the hospitality Riksgränsen Resort to shot an awesome edit.

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Kim Boberg [FULL SEGMENT] from Oil and Water

Kim Boberg's full segment shot in the streets of Scandinavia. See the entire film here: Song "Sanitarium" by Metallica

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Henrik Harlaut Double Cork 1080 Off Death Cliff

Henrik Harlaut stuck a double cork 1080 on his first hit off of a cliff feature in the Dolomites mountain range in Italy this past March, 2014. See Henrik's Full Segment from "Oil and Water" here:

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Mike Hornbeck [FULL SEGMENT] from Oil and Water

Mike Hornbeck's full segment from Armada's film "Oil and Water" See the whole movie here:

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Skiing in the United Kingdom with Mike Hornbeck, Jacob Wester, Mees van Lierop

Armada Skis takes on skiing in the United Kingdom. For Mike Hornbeck, Jacob Wester, Kim Boberg, and Mees van Lierop, skiing wasn't necessarily something that would come to mind when thinking about the United Kingdom. They came to discover, however, that the English countryside is filled with in-door ski domes and dry slopes, and a passionate group of skiers that frequent these ski spots daily by the masses. Photography by RWND

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Tanner Hall, JP Auclair, Riley Leboe Mustang Powder Segment

**Nominated for 2015 15th Annual Powder Awards Best Powder Segment** Tanner Hall, JP Auclair, Riley Leboe went to Mustang Powder Cats in early December of 2013 and skied in what Tanner called "the greatest and deepest powder he had ever skied in his life". Learn more about Mustang Powder cats at See the whole Armada Movie "Oil and Water" here:

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JP Auclair Interview - Before his dead

Itw of JP Auclair in 2008 ... He just died in an avalanche in Chili with Andreas Fransson. RIP Guyzs

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