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The Empire Games is a 2 stop series of unconventional skateboard contest concentrated on thinking outside the box and having fun. The second stop for 2016 was the “Drop Of Doom” on Aug 27th in Montreal, Quebec. The concept for the event was quite simple, highest drop in wins, 12” blocks were added to a 10-foot-high transition in a pyramid formation until we reach the maximum drop in point.   We saw some epic slams and makes throughout the day however it was Phil Dulude who came out on top with a mind blowing 20ft drop in, Leon Chapdelaine and Jordan Gallant tied for second dropping in from 18th.   Honoralbe mentions –   Highest Switch Drop In – Cody Cormier & Leon Chapdelaine – 13ft   Highest Roll In – Phil Dulude – 14ft The Empire Games are presented by Converse Cons in association with Volcom, Spitfire Wheels, Polar skateboards, Expose magazine and KingShit magazine.

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Converse Cons: Mile End Demo

Kenny Anderson, Zered Bassett, Eli Reed, Sage Elsesser, Aaron Herrington, Sean Pablo & Tom Remillard have a chilled evening down Mile End as part of the 'Converse One Star Demo Tour'.

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CONVERSE - Skateboarding in Paris

Watch Kevin Rodrigues trashing the streets of Paris

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How to Film Skateboarding with Don "Nuge" Nguyen

Don "nuge" Nguyen show us how to film a skateboarding session.

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Converse Team riding their own skatepark

For the European Cons KA3 launch in Berlin, the skateboarding Converse team built 3 skate spots and test them all day long. 

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Kenny Anderson KA3 Signature Sneaker

Surrounded by 3s Converse Cons skate ambassador Kenny Anderson can't seem to shake the magic number and finds himself with his third signature sneaker, the KA3. Richard Quintero: Filmer/Director Kenny Anderson: Associate Director David Serrano: Filmer Jon Coulthard: Principal Photographer Dan Connor: Art Director Dan Rosato: Sound Design

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Converse Skateboarding - Ambassador Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson is welcomed to Converse with a video featuring his creative and stylish skateboarding. Check out his introduction video and learn more about Mike on his Ambassador profile page here:

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Converse - Skateboard French Team In Alicante

Watch this great edit from the french Converse team! Great skills! More infos on:

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