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The Shadow Campaign // The Weight of Winter

A massive snowstorm consumes Hokkaido, crushing everything under wind and snow with unrelenting force. Three wanderers push forward through the blindness of this elemental world, all the weight of winter pressing down upon them. The Shadow Campaign: Volume II DPS Skis Cinematic presents four short films coming Fall 2015, in association with Gore-Tex and Outdoor Research... Check out the trailer here: vimeo.com/136701432 DPS Cinematic: dpsskis.com/en/cinematic/ Partners: outdoorresearch.com and goretex.com/shadow Featuring: Stephan Drake, Piers Solomon, and Santiago Guzman. Directed and Edited by Ben Sturgulewski // Sturgefilm // sturgefilm.com Music by Alexander - 'Truth' Sound Mix by Leonardo Barragan

4:20 3 132,328