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UNPLUGGED PARK SESSIONS - Episode 8 at Whistler

Check out the 8th episode of Unplugged Park Sessions, filmed at Whistler and starring Mike Riddle, Devin Logan, Noah Wallace, Mack Jones & Justin Dorey.

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Giro Snow – Unplugged Japan : Ingrid Backstrom & Izzy Lynch

In the final edit of the Unplugged Japan series – Ingrid Backstrom & Izzy Lynch find some time to break off from the crew and catch some turns together, share some smiles and good times. Check out the video short of them unplugging from the norm to enjoy some waist deep bliss and culture in the land of the rising sun. Few things get you away from your daily grind. For pro skiers, the everyday is a vacation from the realities of the rest of the world. But the truth is that contests, filming and traveling can take their toll. To unplug from the normal routine, Drew Tabke, Ingrid Backstrom, Riley Leboe, Reine Barkered and Izzy Lynch head to the north island of Japan to reconnect with what inspires them in skiing, to explore new terrain and seek new culture. Join the crew as they venture off the grid, deep into the highest peaks of in Hokkaido to get bottomless turns in complete solitude.

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Giro Snow - Unplugged Mt Baker WA - LBS Banked Slalom

The Legendary Baker Banked Slalom is one of the most prestigious events in snowboarding. Many of snowboardings elite have taken the illusive golden duck tape. This event is unlike others it brings together all walks of snowboarders. Contest guy, film guy, rail guy they are all there to see who can get through this Legendary course the fastest. Its this community that makes this event unique and special. Bryan Fox and Curtis Ciszek have been going to this event for 10 years. This year was nothing short of unpredictable, rock solid ice, low snow pack, flat light and a heavy snow system on finals day made the race more challenging than ever before. In this episode you get Curtis and Bryan’s take on the event and what make Mt. Baker such a special place for snowboarding.

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Giro: A New Kind of Outdoor Adventure Brand

Giro comes from a unique place. Santa Cruz, California’s location—at the intersection of surf and mountains—attracts people of an independent mindset: outdoors people; iconoclasts who set their own priorities, more inclined to put human values ahead of corporate interests. Counterintuitively, it turns out that Santa Cruz, a place where business shuts down when the surf is up, has proven to be a powerful entrepreneurial incubator. Our surroundings have defined who we are and what we do as a company. We are free thinkers. Ride activists. Interface innovators. Our mission is to bring new ideas that enhance the ride.

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