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Globe EU Trippin Tour

The GLOBE skate team blazed through five European countries and multiple cities for the GLOBE EU TRIPPIN Tour.  Mark Appleyard, David Gonzalez, Rodney Mullen, Louie Barletta, Ryan Decenzo, Chris Haslam, Paul Hart, Anton Myhrvold, Fries Taillieu, Charles Collet, and Phillip Schuster  

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New member in the Globe team!

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Sexy girls chilling at the skatepark

Sexy girls at the skatepark! Amazing tricks with old school boards!

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Surf : 0000 - Year Zero by Globe

Teaser of new surf film by Globe With : Dion Agius, Hogbood Brothers, Taj Burrow Nate Tyler directed: joe g. cinematography: scott soens, rick jakovich, joe g. editing & post: george manzanilla art direction: herb george

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Globe TV - Roger Silva Em Madri

Roger Silva hits up some of the best spots in Spain for Brazilian site olho de peixe. The clip features a full interview with Roger and introduces "Last Try" featuring GLOBE Spain teamers Diego Cano and Andrew Verde

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Globe TV - Welcome Clip Fabi Surber

A new rider in the Globe team! This is Fabi Surber, another one talented and amazing guy!

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Louie Barlettas for Globe Taurus

Louie Barletta's debut Globe shoe - The Taurus - is now available at Skate Warehouse! Sal flip your way to the website and carve out a new pair of kicks for yourself.

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Globe - Skateboard Bantam Ditch Days

Introducing new CLEAR color-ways for the BANTAM, as well as the latest addition to GLOBE'S cruiser board line up -- THE BLAZERS. These may look like the boards of yesteryear, but they definitely are not. With a 30-day guarantee on all boards and a lifetime guarantee on trucks, GLOBE'S cruiser range is not messing around. The BANTAM is stiffer, the trucks are wider and the components last longer than anything in the market. These little beasts have been tested on the streets, backyard pools and any ramps we come across. GLOBE cruisers are the real deal, so go out to your local skate or surf shop and pick one up.

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