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Loaded Boards Raw Run | Full Frontal with Camilo Cespedes

Loaded Ambassador and Colombian transplant, Camilo Cespedes takes a mellow run down a local favorite.

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Loaded Boards | Run On with Alberto Alepuz

Alberto Alepuz (Perropro) leaves the usual job and lady to skate some nice natural spots, but he is followed by something supernatural... We like you... Like us too at: http://www.facebook.com/LOADEDBOARDS Find all of our selfies at: http://www.instagram.com/LOADEDBOARDS Read our minds at:  http://www.twitter.com/LOADEDBOARDS

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Loaded Boards | Propeller with Adam Stokowski

Adam S. is back and busts out some smooth moves on the Tan Tien longboard flex 3, Randal Trucks, 86a Stimulus wheels. Artist: J-Walk, Song: Soul Vibrations. http://www.loadedboards.com  More info about the video here, http://www.loadedboards.com/loadednew...

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Orangatang Wheels | Release The Kegel with Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader

Tamara Prader and Patrick Switzer test out the Orangatang Kegel on the fifth highest paved road in the Alps. With 29 180 degree turns, the road leads all the way to the base of the ski area in Kaunertal, Austria.  These wheels go fast! Patrick took the win at Maryhill on them and the big orange beauties have been killing it all over Europe this summer! They are now available in the finest skate shops around. Riders: Tamara Prader and Patrick Switzer Film Production: Max Meissner Music: Kounandi - Los Chicharrons, Ships in the Sun - Dynamo Dresden Orangatan Kegel: 80mm diameter | 56mm width | 56mm contact | 8.1 oz/wheel | offset bearing seat

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Loaded Community | The Dock Session

Loaded and Orangatang ambassador Lotfi Lamaali has been putting on a weekly community skate session (known as the DockSession) every Thursday since its birth earlier this year. Since then, DockSession has become too huge for Paris alone…  Now the sessions are touring around France, bringing that same funky and fresh vibe that Lotfi's sessions have become know for. First stop: Nantes Live in France? Like The Dock Session on Facebook to keep up to date on the fancy footwork! http://www.facebook.com/DOCKSESSION Follow them on Instagram to look at the beautiful French people! @DOCKSESSION _______________________________________________________ We like you... Like us too at: http://www.facebook.com/LOADEDBOARDS Find all of our selfies at: http://www.instagram.com/LOADEDBOARDS Read our minds at: http://www.twitter.com/LOADEDBOARDS

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Loaded Boards | Los Pobladores with Ari Chamasmany

Los Angeles is right in our backyard and we're happy to present our first video really featuring downtown LA from the point of view of a local longboarder, Ari Chamasmany. We really did not show the clean parts of downtown in this video but rather a very grungy, slightly dirty, and colorful arts district of LA with Ari ripping the Fattail. You may recognize Ari from the "Swirling Samas" video; he has a very unique dance style that is very entertaining to watch. What is impressive is that he can still bust out intricate footwork moves on a smaller, more sensitive board like the Fattail. Stoked to present this video to you all. It has a very "Sunny Side Up" feel with fast cuts of B-Roll on the beats. We focused on doing a lot of follow shots to create a dynamic vibe with lots of movement and action. I had fun playing around with city sound effects for this video. Adam S. killed it with the filming, and Ari jammed on his board. Music Artist - Amsterdam Klezmer Band Song - Terk remix by Peter Millenaar SET UP- Loaded Fat Tail Flex 1, Paris 150mm trucks, Otang 83a Stims

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Loaded Boards | Lotfi Lamaali in Los Angeles

Watch on Vimeo! https://vimeo.com/122449776 Ambassador Lotfi Lamaali experienced Los Angeles in style, checking off both the kitch and culturally significant landmarks on his Loaded Bhangra. Lotfi regularly shows skaters a good time at his weekly Dock Sessions in Paris so we felt obliged to show him how unique, weird and wonderful Los Angles can be. Locations: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area Venice Beach Pacific Design Center Urban Light at LACMA Pacific Coast Highway Watts Towers Randy's Donuts Hollywood Griffith Observatory San Pedro Korean Bell of Friendship Santa Monica LAX Rider: Lotfi Lamaali Setup: Loaded Bhangra, Orangatang Stimulus 86a, Paris trucks, Nipple bushings Film & Edit: Adam Stokowski Film: Camilo Cespedes www.lotfiwoodwalker.com

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Loaded Boards | Sunny Side Up with Kyle Chin and Ethan Cochard

http://vimeo.com/36084918 Kyle Chin and Ethan Cochard visit the City by the Bay for a sampling of the very first Chubby Unicorns from Loaded Boards. The Balut is a 72.5mm centerset, symmetrical freestyle slide wheel poured in our new Euphorethane formula. For more info on the Balut: http://loadedboards.com/2012/01/orang... For more info about the video: http://loadedboards.com/2012/02/balut... SETUPS Kyle: Loaded freeride/DH prototype, Paris 180s, RipTide bushings (90a/95a), Orangatang Baluts (86a) Ethan: Loaded freeride/DH prototype, Omen trucks, Nipple bushings (80a/83a), Orangatang Baluts (83a) FILM: Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski EDIT: Adam Colton EQUIPMENT Cinevate, http://www.cinevate.com - Atlas 10 Slider, Atlas Flt Slider, Durus Follow Focus Canon 5D & 7D Canon 28- 300mm Lens Canon 24-70mm Lens Canon 14mm Lens MUSIC: "A Rumour in Africa" by Errors

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