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O'Neill x Jones: Walk For Powder

In March 2017, O’Neill took 10 winners from the O’Neill x Jones competition, Walk For Powder, on a backcountry trip of a lifetime. Their prize was to hike and ride Lake Tahoe with snowboard legend and O’Neill team rider Jeremy Jones and a crew of the most awesome backcountry guides in the United States.

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O’Neill is proud to present Bezerke, a captivating short film that looks into the life of O’Neill team rider, Russell Bierke. Russell isn’t your average eighteen-year-old Australian kid. He is leading the way for the next generation of big wave surfers. Tracing his love of heavy waves from childhood to the present day, Bezerke showcases the surfing of a levelheaded young man that sees challenge where most only see terror.  Bezerke features insight from Russell’s father, and also includes scenes from eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater who shared a special session in Southern Australia with Russell when he was fifteen. Bezerke documents Russell’s phenomenal Cape Fear event win and his thoughts on the future of big wave surfing.

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The O’Neill UNREASONABLE film festival continues with film no. 4 "Waveform" from award-winning artist Stefan Nadelman from Portland, USA. Immerse yourself in fast-paced surfing sequences full of action, color, and fluid motion that expose waveforms in a new light.

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Antonym - Beyond the Waters

In Antonym - Beyond the Waters, Johan Perjus and Fresteh Piltan take surfing to the most unexpected of regions on our planet, the desert. By taking the action of surfing and changing the context, Johan and Freshteh present a film that explores creativity but also our dependency on our oceans. Johan Perjus and Freshteh Piltan (both Sweden), directors at B-Reel Sweden, have created commercial spots for H&M, Target, and a number of other global clients.

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Unreasonable - Malia Manuel

Is Malia Manuel UNREASONABLE? Women’s surfing has come a long way and today’s women are charging harder and going bigger than ever before. From pin-up stars to performance athletes, the opportunities for women in surfing are endless. What does it take to perform at the highest level of professional surfing? How should women be represented within the sport? Let’s hear O’Neill team rider and WSL top 10 surfer Malia Manuel. Music: "Reute 08" by Sepalot www.sepalot.com

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INNATE | Getting to Know Nate Yeomans

Nate Yeomans has experienced the peaks and valleys of life. He has tasted both success and failure. “INNATE” is his story. Nate qualified for the World Tour in 2010 and got a chance to experience life competing on the WCT. After a mid year cut, he was forced back onto the Qualifying Series and eventually lost his main sponsor. After almost calling it quits, Nate worked hard to get back on top, not without frustrations and failures along the way. With a win at the 2014 O’Neill Coldwater Classic, Nate has been given a chance to live out his dream, again. This surf documentary will follow Nate on his quest in 2015 where we will get glimpse into where Nate has come from and where he is going.

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Peace Out!

Shaun Burns doing what he does best – hunting down waves along California's Central Coast drawing smooth lines, laying it on rail, and stomping airs.He says "peace out" to college and hello to whatever comes next8

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Jordy Smith is just ... UNREASONABLE !!!

Is being too competitive unreasonable? Jordy Smith is no stranger to the stress and pressure of competitions. He travels the globe relentlessly and competing with the best surfers in the world. This is how he makes his living. What are Jordy's thoughts on the future of competitive surfing? What will it take to be a contender in the years to come?  #Unreasonable

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