Phoenix Fly

Phoenix Fly
Robert Pecnik, Volucris d.o.o. Ul. Platana 2, 10434 Strmec, Croatia


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Phoenix-Fly N4S - Ground Effect

This video features some of the expert wingsuit pilots from team "Need 4 Speed" carving around the European mountains in their Phoenix Fly V4 wingsuits. Robert Pecnik is filmed by Ludo Woerth skiming inches away from the mountain at over 100MPH, refining a line to be seen in the next team video. This is the third and final trailer for our forthcoming documentary on wingsuit BASE jumping, to be released early in the new year. For more information, please check: Pilot: Robert Pecnik Camera: Ludo Woerth Editing & Post Production: Jarno Cordia Music: John Murphy - 28 Days Later For all media and press inquiries, including footage requests - please contact For information on how to start wingsuit flying - ___________________________________________________________ Best extreme sports video contests now on‬! JOIN RIDERS MATCH : Facebook :‬ Twitter :!/ridersmatch‬ Google + :‬

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NO GLIDE, JUST DIVE - Wingsuit with Sam Hardy

Sam Hardy travels to Chamonix, in France, for a little session of wingsuit besides the mountains.

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Phoenix-Fly - The Need 4 Speed - Mountain Trails

2012 has been an incredible year for the evolution of human flight. New suit technology and a dedication to improving skill levels mean we can now fly further, faster and more accurately than ever before. Team Need 4 Speed have worked hard this year to fly new, beautiful lines. We've focused on amazing terrain for backdrops, with tight proximity led formations. <

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