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Protest Pin It - Episode 4 - Bilbao Spain

Life is all about making decisions. Imagine: You are in Indonesia, you promised your friends to fly back to surf with them in France, but there is such a massive swell on its way to Indonesia. One you simply can't not surf. Jatyr Berasaluce had to make the call and it turned out to be a good one. The life of a pro surfer is full of fun and excitement, but also full of making tough calls. Missing friends and family. Therefore Jatyr dropped his final Pin in his hometown Bilbao. To enjoy his well deserved time with friends and family after being on the road for more than 3 months.

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Protest Pin It - Episode 3 - Hossegor France

What would a surf road trip in Europe be without visiting the French coast line? In the third episode of Protest Pin It, Oli Adams places his pin in the backyard of his team buddy Tristan Guilbaud. To make the pack complete Jatyr Berasaluce and Yannick de Jager head over to have a share of the French lifestyle and swell. Will the wind drop to give the boys some of the infamous French pleasures?

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Protest Pin It - Episode 2 - Sardinia Italy

We leave the cold water waves of Scotland for a spontaneous Mediterranean trip to Sardinia. The second Pin was dropped by Dutch legend Yannick de Jager. His Protest team buddy Lorenzo told Yannick about a storm that was about to hit his home swell Buggerro. No time was wasted, the guys immediately flew over and found the waves they were hoping for.

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Protest Pin It - Episode 1 - Thurso Scotland

In this first episode Protest rider Tristan Guilbaud placed his pin in Thurso, Scotland. Inspired by the stories of his team friends Oli Adams and Yannick de Jager he wanted to surf the big waves as well. Well one thing is for sure, Tristan didn't get disappointed.

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Official Teaser Protest Pin It - Surf 2014

We take four of our best surfers, surf gear, an outstanding film crew, a van and pure freedom. Main goal: Take the map, pin down and surf the best swells Europe has to offer. Whether it’s a remote, pristine location or a well-known spot; it’s the surf that counts.It all started about 8 months ago at the headquarters of Protest in The Netherlands. During the evaluation of previous surf video projects with our team riders, we mutually decided that our next video project had to be about the best part of surfing: surfing.The film crew will follow our riders on their ultimate road trip. You will feel the joy of freedom, the blissful moments of surfing, but also the struggles and inconveniences of a pro surfer’s life. By using the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, we will add a unique dimension to all our episodes.More stories, less interviews. More freedom, less plans and first and foremost, surf. Feel what the real stoke is about. Protest to get there!

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Pin It - Ski Episode - Tignes, France

This time Protest freeski legend, mister Arnaud Rougier was allowed to put a pin on the map. Guess what. A last minute powder dump made him decide to stay home in Tignes. Riding the lines only locals know of. From helicopter riders to cliff drops to a tumbling crash. This third Pin It episode has it all.

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Pin It - the Girls Episode - Maloja, Switzerland

What happens if you ask two Olympian girls to drop a pin? Last year both Ursina Haller and Mirabelle Thovex flew over the coping of the Sochi halfpipe. But in this year's Pin It there is not time for competition. The girls join forces and rock the magic Engadiner powder lines. Get ready for the first girls-only Pin It episode!

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TUTORIAL - Backflip freeski tricks

Protest Tutorials : How to freeski Are you ready for backflip tips? Arnaud Rougier explains you how to do it

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