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Quik Young Gun - Noa Dupouy

This clip of 11 year old Noa Dupouy is not designed to make you question your own ability to ride a surfboard...but it probably should. While most kids his age are out catching pokemon, he's out catching bombs. Watch and weep... He is 11! http://quiksilver.com

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Generations Of Quiksilver

Since 1969, Quiksilver has been blazing the trail for an entire culture and the industry that it spawned. We're founded on a shared passion for living in the moment and using that passion to awaken the spirit of adventure that rests in all of us. It's the spirit that defines eras, discovers waves, invents styles, throws parties, wins World Titles and more. It's been there since the very beginning, and keeps us pushing towards tomorrow. Because at the core of it all, it hasn't changed. Generations of Quiksilver celebrates that by sharing the stories that shaped our brand’s past, present and future. It’s not a history lesson. It’s not a message to the misguided youth. It’s not a back in my day. It’s about the feeling of now. #GenerationsOfQuik ------------------------- Depuis 1969, Quiksilver ouvre la voie à toute une culture et à l’industrie qui en découle. Nous nous sommes construits sur la passion commune de vivre l’instant présent et l’envie d’éveiller l’esprit d’aventure qui sommeille en chacun de nous. C’est cet état d’esprit qui nous permet de créer l’histoire, de découvrir des vagues, d’inventer les styles, d’organiser des fêtes, et de remporter des titres mondiaux... Il nous anime depuis le début et continue de nous inspirer en nous poussant à aller plus loin chaque jour. Parce qu’au fond il est toujours là, intact. Generations of Quiksilver célèbre cet état d’esprit en partageant les histoires qui ont façonné le passé, le présent et le futur de notre marque. Ce n’est pas une leçon d’histoire ni un message pour des jeunes sans repères. Ce n’est pas un retour en arrière. C’est ce que l’on ressent au moment présent. #GenerationsOfQuik  

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Few Words - A Candide Thovex Film - Full Movie

FEW WORDS an award winning documentary that retraces the life story of the most accomplished skier in the world Candide Thovex. This film gives us an insight into the legend behind the goggles and takes us to the most beautiful mountains on the planet

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Radical Times in Hawaii

Hawaii. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s reputation may be even bigger and bolder than itself. But all that aside, the enchanted island is diverse. From Muay Thai to Mai Tais, Waimea to Waikiki, Pipeline walls to highline stalls…there is something to suit everyone.  This year, our team attacked every angle. They stayed out late at night and paddled out before the sun. They did turns, punted airs and got barrelled. They rode everything from ten-foot slabs of concrete to twenty-foot slabs of unpredictable water. It was a bonafide Radical Time. So for your enjoyment, we thought we would combine these few weeks of bliss into an edit. Dig in, then start planning a Radical Time of your own to Hawaii — you really do owe it to yourself.

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Radical Times with Mates!

Friends. Buddies. Amigos. Pals. Doesn’t matter what you call them, but things are always more fun when they’re around. We were still feeling the high from South Africa but craving the next good time with another rad crew. So we spun the globe and it landed on Australia. Mikey Wright, Mathieu Crepel, Austen Sweetin, Atsushi Ishikawa, Matt Hoy, Zach Miller and Bryan Fox packed their snowboards, skateboards, and surfboards and slid into a week- long adventure featuring mountains, waves, meat pies and most of all, mateship. Your invitation to join us through it all comes in the form of the latest episode of Radical Times; Radical Times with Mates. Grab a mate, kick back and let’s get rad. ___ Starring: Snowboarder: Bryan Fox - @bryanwfox Snowboarder: Austen Sweetin - @austensweetin Snowboarder: Atsushi Ishikawa - @sclover3atsushi Snowboarder: Mathieu Crepel - @matcrepel Surfer: Mikey Wright - @mikeywright1 Skater: Zach Miller - @zakra_miller Surfer: Matt Hoy - @hoy666 Featuring: Snowboarder: Torah Bright - @torahbright Snowboarder: Jesse Parkinson - @parkinson_brothers_jesse Snowboarder: Robin Van Gyn - @robinvangyn Production: Images: Ryan Heywood - @ryanheywood Film & Edit: Wade Carroll - @waddecarroll Presented by: Quiksilver - @quiksilver ___ Bryan Fox. Snowboarder. USA Welcome to the land of wundah, the land down undah. Australia is so damn cool. Everyone is nice and everything is nice. The food, the people, the country. We didn't exactly score at the mountains or in the ocean but that didn’t stop us having a great trip. I’ve been dreaming about the boardriding lifestyle since I was a kid and this trip brought it all together. The skateparks were really rad, we ate way too many pies and Matt Hoy is a complete fucking legend. If you haven’t been to Australia, book your ticket — but you're gonna have to learn to say G’day because every day is a good day in Australia. Austen Sweetin. Snowboarder. USA Australia is just like Victoria Bitter, it's the “very best.” It’s pretty crazy to be able to surf with Mikey Wright at his homebreak and then take him up into the mountains to slash in the pipe and send airs. It was awesome watching everyone rip on everyone else's board of choice and seeing how they put their own style and influence into it. Radical Times with Mates was a trip I’ll never forget. I'm so stoked to be a part of a crew that knows how to Stay High 24/7. Mat Crepel. Snowboarder. France Boardriding is our life so when you pack your bag with a snowboard, a skateboard and a surfboard and head to Australia to meet with the best mates you can have on a team, you know it's a trip of a lifetime! Add a few (a lot!) pies and couple of VB's and nothing can stop you from having the best road-trip ever! Thanks everyone, it really was radical times. Zach Miller. Skateboarder. USA What can I say? Australia is one of the most amazing places on the planet! The people, the landscapes, the surf, the snow and the skate culture...you can't beat it. Sharing waves, running laps and riding concrete with like- minded friends kept everyone frothing and inspired the whole time. It’d be impossible to have this much fun if we were all just focused on one board. Hands down, these are the best trips I've ever been on. And the coolest team I've ever been a part of. Keep the Radical Times coming! Atsushi Ishikawa. Snowboarder. Japan The vast land, the perfect weather, and of course, the pies! After this trip, Australia has become one of my favourite countries in the world. We don’t even get jet-lag coming from Japan. Being able to go snowboarding, surfing and skating with a team of friends was an experience I’ll never forget. The boardriders trips are awesome Matt Hoy. Surfer. Australia It was so good hanging out and riding boards with such cool people. Everyone was stoked to be in Australia experiencing the country, eating meat pies and drinking a couple of VBs. The excitement was contagious. Getting to see all of these surfers, skaters and snowboarders in their element was all time. There was no ego and no whinging about not dedicating enough time to a certain spot, just a bunch of blokes having fun together in Oz! Thanks for the hell times mates. Stay high ! Mikey Wright. Surfer. Australia This was so different from a normal trip. The crew was epic and we had such a hell time. I was frothin’ feeding off all the boys and trying to learn from watching them rip. Riding different boards is fun and I reckon it makes you think differently about your approach to surfing. And it’s always so good to have a couple of VBs with your mates. Rad times!

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Radical Times in Western Australia

Western Australia. It’s red, it’s dusty and its raw. It’s the kind of place you can’t predict what will happen around the next dusty corner. Cue Radical Times in WA, the Unpredictable Edition. Taj Burrow retired. Matt Banting snapped his entire quiver. Mikey Wright went home on crutches (ok. With Mikey boosting the way he does, this one was kinda just a matter of time). Leo Fioravanti slayed World Champions on his way to the Quarter Finals of the Margies Pro. Sebastian Zietz surfed his way into world number 2. And Kanoa Igarashi, Jeremy Flores and Wiggolly Dantas got chatted up by a big ol’ shark out Margaret River’s Mainbreak. Radical Times…you be the judge. http://quik.to/rad-times Starring - Mikey Wright | Matt Banting | Wiggolly Dantas | Leo Fioravanti | Kanoa Igarashi | Kael Walsh | John Mel Footage: Jimmy Graham | Wade Carroll Edit: Wade Carroll Music: Artist - Chesta Hedron / Nowave Studio Production | Song - Silver Pharaoh

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Radical Times in Reunion Island

http://quiksilver.com/radicaltimes Jeremy Flores returns to his homeland on a family mission to protect the beaches that have given him so much. If you were to stand on the shoreline of Reunion Island’s 'Bocan Canot' beach today, it would be hard to imagine the crowded beach completely empty, however this was a reality only a few short months ago. 18 shark attacks over a five year period dramatically affected the Indian Ocean paradise both emotionally and economically. “Reunion Island was an amazing place to grow up. It is where i caught my first waves and learnt to surf.” Remembers Top 10 World Tour Surfer Jeremy Flores. “It’s paradise. But it’s also where I have lost some of my closest friends. When you look at the stats for shark attacks worldwide, what has happened in Reunion Island in the last 5 year is really heavy” These tragedies motivated Jeremy's family to return to their homeland and embark on a campaign to protect the beaches that have given them so much. By winning a chair in the local council, Jeremy's father Patrick Flores has been able to initiate a program of shark netting and surveillance that has helped Reunion's beach lovers get back into the water. The campaign's success has been noticed by shark affected communities worldwide including the recently tragedy-struck Ballina on Australia's east coast. “We just wanted to help the island, we did it for the community. If you look now the beaches are packed, the restaurants are packed and the surf schools are about to reopen…It has affected so much more than the surfers” On a recent trip home, Jeremy hosted the first surf competition in 5 years at the newly protected 'Roche Noire' beach. The day finished a huge success seeing generations of Reunion Island locals come together to celebrate change, progress, and most importantly the lives of those that will forever be missed. “This event was a big success. The ambiance and vibe was better than I expected. Everyone came together, from the youngest surfers to the oldest generation, all sharing waves…Surfing is so much more than a sport. It’s a way of living. A way of being close to nature and living with a passion. The adrenaline that surfing gives us, there is nothing like it. I don’t know what i would do without surfing. It’s the highest high.” Motion Dane Burnheim Sam Smith Edit Jason Lee Full Story http://quiksilver.com/radicaltimes

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Quiksilver in Memory Eddie Aikau - Thursday 25th February 2016

Ajoutée le 26 févr. 2016 After 31 Years, The 2016 “Eddie” Goes Down as the Biggest in History. http://quiksilver.com/eddie

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