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James West: Ditches Ain't For Bitches

Rayne Team Rider James West has been calling the ditch his home for almost as long as he's been skating. The ditch takes a special blend of all around skateboarding to navigate through it's ebbs and flows, screw it up and you might be in a lot of trouble. Jimmy knows all too well how the the ditch giveth and the ditch taketh away....  RIDER: James West FILM / EDIT: Jesse Heidenfeld MUSIC: Matt Miller x Kilter - Gravel Pit (Flume Remix) VISIT RAYNE ONLINE: http://www.RayneLongboards.com LIKE RAYNE ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RayneLongboards FOLLOW RAYNE ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RayneLongboards

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Rayne Longboards: The Otherside with Levi Green

If the Brightside and Darkside are too small for you, the grass is always greener on the Otherside! The Otherside is a Directional, Top Mount Freeride board with Radial Drop, 3-Stage Rocker and a Kick-tail, in a slightly larger package (can't we all hope!?). The difference between the Otherside and it's Brightside and Darkside counterparts is a 2" longer wheelbase and larger standing platform and wide cutout shape. It still fits 70mm Rayne Envy Wheels, but we think it's most fun on the 62mm Envy. This hybrid board crosses over a love of radial drops for DH leverage, control and lock-in with a kick tail to get up, over and around everything and anything. Now you kooks can ollie, manual, blunt and firecracker just like a street deck - but on a longboard with soft wheels! SPECS:  Length - 38"  Width - 10"  Wheelbase - 25.5'' to 26.5'' VISIT RAYNE ONLINE: http://www.RayneLongboards.com LIKE RAYNE ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RayneLongboards FOLLOW RAYNE ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RayneLongboards

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The Teutonia Race is known is known for being the fastest one of the world. Kyle Wester proves it!

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RAYNE LONGBOARDS presents Jeremy "Randy Bacon" Banting

Rayne team rider Jeremy “Randy Bacon” Banting downhill in this Vancouver Island edit.

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Rayne Longboards Presents Island Hopping with Roberto Cobian

Roberto Cobian riding the streets with his longskate.

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Justin Readings - Top Gun Raw Run

Anyone who has seen Justin Readings skate knows that he is more than just a pretty face and long flowing locks; in fact, that flow and style can be seen whenever he gets on a skateboard (even when the mane is covered by a noggin protector). This raw run deep in the Oregonian wilderness is perfect evidence of Justin’s polished and agile manner that he employs when attacking the black top. Enjoy this two minutes of raw, yet refined, skateboarding to get you hyped for the next speed fix.

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Rayne Longboards Presents Cole Kurtz - Getting Savage in Arizona

Rayne team rider Cole Kurtz bids a fond farewell to some of his favorite arid hills in the Arizona area as he makes the move to the Pacific Northwest to search for new hills to bomb and corners to drift. Saying goodbye is never easy, so Cole leaves his (thane) mark on the AZ scene with some tech slides and flowy freeride runs in this edit. Trading tumbleweeds for pine needles, Cole will be holding it down for Rayne Longboards in Washington State, we heard there might be a hill or two in the Seattle area so keep your eyes peeled for the one guy with a tan. Cole is riding the Rayne Savage. Full boards specs at www.raynelongboards.com

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Rayne Longboards - Shotguns and Fun Runs with Deen Mondt

Skater, Dutchman, and all around good dude Deen Mondt has been on tour and skating in Europe this summer. He recently took first in the KNK No Paws Down race that went down during the KNK freeride event at the end of July, pretty gnarly considering you can hit speeds of 90 km/h (55 mph) on a course with 8 hairpins. While bombing hills and sampling bubbly beverages across Europe, Deen found the time to film a killer run on the Peyragudes course with fellow Rayne rider Daniel Hawes on the chase cam. Luckily Deen is faster on the hill than he is on the shotguns, so kick back, check this edit, and get stoked for some weekend skate-ventures.

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