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Guillermo Conde | #SkydiveDubai

Guillermo Conde visited Skydive Dubai in 2013 to attempt solving the Rubik Cube in 40 seconds while free falling over the Palm Jumeirah Island. Will he do it? Watch now to find out. Book A First Time Skydive from our website: VIP experience available by contacting Skydive Dubai website: Skydive Dubai on Facebook: Skydive Dubai on Instagram: skydive_dubai Skydive Dubai on Twitter: @skydivedubai Add us on Snapchat: skydivedubai (c) 2015 Skydive Dubai LLC, All Rights Reserved

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Bungee Attack! | #SkydiveDubai

MKTM pushing skydiving creativity to the limits.

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Best swoop under a SABRE 2 120

This is where hard core training and working out everyday pays off! 

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Swooping Dubai Lake | #SkydiveDubai

Skydivers are swooping Dubai lake at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus.  

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