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Arbor Skateboards :: Adam Crigler Rips New York City

Arbor Skateboards rider, Adam Crigler is the Boss! The longboarding boss of New York City. He knows how to tear the "Big Apple" a new one. Here he rips his new Arbor Catalyst 42 all over town and in Central Park ducking around big crowds of people, surprise thunder storms, mad cabbies, and potholes that appear from underneath a maze of moving traffic. Giving it up to the New York City boy. Song:Atlas Artist:Dpat Filming & Editing By: Olivier Séguin-Leduc Additional Filming: Max Myers Check out Arbor everywhere:

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Arbor Skateboards :: Ed Garner

From Maryland, and residing in Pennsylvania, Ed is known as a top freerider on the East Coast. He joined the Arbor team only a few months ago, and is already proving to be a huge part of the family. In his first edit with Arbor skateboards, we took him up to the rural zones of Central California and allowed him to have the ability to show off his style and sketchiness. Watch and see how the beauty of a California Spring is paired with the some of the gnarliest road conditions you can find. Ed has to navigate through 5 different pavements, mixed with rocks, gravel, and pot holes. Many people would call this road unskateable, but amazingly Ed proves otherwise. To learn more about Arbor Skateboards visit: Find us on Instagram: Find us on Facebook: To learn more about The Arbor Collective visit:

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Arbor Skateboards :: Brandon Tissen

Based out of Oregon, Brandon Tissen is on the cutting edge of downhill skateboarding by being on the forefront of the 'skate everything' movement. His style matched with technical ability makes him the perfect compliment to an already incredible team. In Brandon's first video with Arbor (film/edit Jack Boston), he demonstrates how to push the limits in skating by showing the versatility one skater can have. You can see him flawlessly skate the Backlash through rural hills, and navigate through the urban streets of Portland on the Shakedown.  Enjoy the video, and see first hand how downhill skateboarding is taken on a new look! To learn more about Arbor Skateboards visit: Find us on Instagram: Find us on Facebook:

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Arbor Skateboards :: James Kelly - Burn It Down

On a rare occasion, you see a video that makes you stop - stop what you’re doing, stop what you’re thinking, even stop how you’re breathing - a video that masters your emotions and alters your vitals. At that moment, when your heart jumps into your throat, and your nerve endings fire, you realize you’re seeing something memorable.   With that we invite you to see a piece we filmed with Arbor team rider, James Kelly, to support the launch of his new pro model. The final product stopped us in our tracks. It reminded us once again why in downhill skating James is called the American Dream. A title he’s been burning down for years with a humble approach and an unmatched intensity at speed. About James: Born in Petaluma, CA - James grew up riding with some of downhill’s most influential skaters. For years, he’s been showing that there’s no road that can’t be conquered. He has perfected his abilities to skate anything at speed, while building the discipline required to keep calm when the consequences are high. James is no stranger to the racecourse and podium, yet he’s most at home on the hills surrounding his family cabin in the Western Sierras, where this video was filmed. About the New Model: The new James Kelly Pro Model is the result of years of skating at speed. More hours than can be counted went into the design, refinement, and road testing. The shape reflects the rider, the lines he rides, and serious nature of what he does. The shape has a long wide platform, multiple wheelbase options, and the right amount of rocker. It provides versatility and confidence when approaching speed. Dimensions: length 38.50” – width: 9.75” – wheelbase: 27.00”-30.00”. See the new shape here: About Arbor: The Arbor Collective was founded in 1995 and remains a family rooted in the experience and fueled by collaboration with athletes and artists who share a vision for forward thinking design. For more information on the Arbor Collective visit: Film/Edit: Jack Boston Music: "Jim" by Swans

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Arbor Whiskey Project :: Legacy Series

Blending the best of 80's, 90's and present day shapes, the Legacy Series pays homage to some of the best shape characteristics throughout the most evolutionary years of skateboarding. Ranging from classic squared off tails and shoveled noses, the series encompasses everything that makes skateboarding fun and creative. The Legacy series is available in 3 shapes/sizes and all were designed to maintain 100% skate functionality to meet all the requirements of today's street skater.

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Arbor Snowboards :: Welcome To Arbor - Marie-France Roy

Welcome to Arbor, Marie. Marie-France Roy has been pushing the limits of women’s backcountry freeriding and freestyle for years. With standout video parts in a plethora of influential snowboard films, Marie has solidified her spot among the most accomplished female riders in the field. She has been on top of the game for years and shows no signs of stopping. This past season Marie was awarded the title of Women’s Rider of the Year and Women’s Video Part of the Year at the 2015 Transworld Readers Poll Awards. These accolades mark the second time she has received these titles. Both on and off the hill, Marie’s synergies with Arbor are undeniable. Beyond her riding accomplishments, Marie is also one of the most influential advocates for sustainability and environmentalism in action sports. In 2014, Marie produced the award winning film “The Little Things”, a movie project based on environmentally conscious riders who are inspirational through their riding, as well as their sustainable ways of thinking and living. The movie has received tremendous praise and led to Marie receiving the Climate Activist Award Presented by Protect Our Winters. During the winter, Marie lives in Whistler, BC where she has easy access to some of the world’s best backcountry terrain. The summer months bring Marie to her eco-friendly home on Vancouver Island. She built the house with the help of her brother Alex and a community of friends. Constructed from natural and recycled materials, Marie’s summerhouse is just one of the “little things” that she does to live sustainably and in balance with our environment. Since 1995 Arbor has pioneered the use of sustainable materials in our snowboard production. When we look to the future, we cannot think of a better partner than someone with the ethos, passion, and experience of Marie-France Roy.

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Arbor Collective :: Insights & Highlights 2015

Watch the best moments of Arbor's 2015 season

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Island of Oahu, in Hawai, is full talent skaters. Arbor proves it to us with edit.

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