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Charly Quivront Lets Loose in Hawaii | Volcom Surf

FULL STORY: http://vol.cm/charlyinhawaii Charly Quivront, aka The Cat, is not new to this whole Hawaii thing. The young French surfer has spent many winter seasons at the Volcom Hawaii Houses scoring tons of video clips and photos. Filmmaker Gabriel Novis teamed up with Charly to bring you this killer Hawaii edit. Additional filmers: Bruno Zanin Paulo Barcelos Erick Proost MUSIC: Band: The Pukes Song: My Fault Album: The Revenge of The Pukes *Courtesy of Good Land Records* http://goodlandrecords.bigcartel.com/... FOLLOW THE STONE... Instagram: @volcomsurf @volcom Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/volcom Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/volcom Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/volcom

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Day 3 Highlights - 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro

Day 3 at the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro went down in the books! It was a day of heavy upsets and flawless conditions which concluded with Heat 14 of Round 3. Kelly Slater went down to an in-form Bruce Irons and young gun Josh Moniz, while Jack Robinson, who was a standout at last year's Volcom Pipe Pro, ended up losing priority and searching for a score in the dying minutes of his heat, but luck didn't deliver. Another story from today was a collision in Heat 6 by Bino Lopes and Joshua Burke who mistakenly tried crossing each other on their ways to Pipe and Backdoor. As the day progressed, the sun came out, things started heating up (no pun intended), and the highlight clips were served. John John exercised his home base knowledge and bagged a couple huge scores in typical JJ fashion, Makuakai Rothman got blown out of a flawless Backdoor barrel, Miguel Tudela snagged a textbook Pipe gem, and of course, there were some classic Pipeline wipeouts. Be sure to catch the recap video above for all today's highlights and action!

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Day 2 Highlights - 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro

Epic surf turned up for Day 2 at the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro where we saw tons of excellent-scoring waves and even a perfect 10-point ride! Once again the waves at Backdoor prevailed with cleaner conditions and higher stoke providing the competitors with an even playing field and . Standouts included Bruce Irons, Makuakai Rothman, and Mason Ho, who pumped his way through a long Backdoor barrel earning himself a well-deserved 9-point ride. The wind switched slightly towards the end of the day, but high scores were still being delivered as we ran through Round 2 and completed the first two heats of Round 3.

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Day 1 Highlights - 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro

After many intense lei days on the North Shore of waiting for better weather conditions and optimal swell, the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro finally kicked off in fun, wedgy conditions with Round 1 surfing. The stormy weather circulating the North Shore the past week moved around the sand at Pipeline which caused the surfers to sit down the beach towards Backdoor and even Off The Wall. There were some insane waves ridden today, heavy wipeouts, and a handful of high scores. Tyler Newton snagged a clean 9-point ride in the Volcom Last Chance Qualifier heat to earn himself a spot into Round 2, and 15-year-old Pipe charger Wyatt McHale secured an equally impressive, and deep, 8.5 earning him a huge applause from the beach.

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2017 Volcom Pipe Pro Trailer

Volcom is pleased to announce the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro surf contest! Held at the world-famous Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, the event will bring together more than 112 of the best surfers from around the globe. The official waiting period for the event begins January 29 and runs through February 10, providing a 13-day competition window to ensure that the invited athletes will surf in optimal conditions at this iconic break.

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Proving Maui - Welcome To Water (episode 2) | Volcom

Episode 2 of our Welcome To Water series follows Dusty Payne on Maui as he tears apart epic Honolua Bay with some of the Volcom Hawaii crew featuring Tai Vandyke, Gavin Beschen, Imai DeVault, Kai Mana Henry and Tom Dosland. Next, we head down the road where Dusty and Mitch Coleborn dismantle a tricky high-performance left, and then it's back to Honolua for Mitch's backhand attack and high-speed tube time with Dusty and Kelly Slater. Shop the boardshorts the team is wearing in this episode at http://vol.cm/boardshorts SURFERS: Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Tai Vandyke, Tom Dosland, Imai Devault, Gavin Beschen, Kai Mana Henry, Kelly Slater SONG: "Global Chakra Rhythms" by Jeff the Brotherhood Courtesy of Infinity Cat Recordings FOLLOW US! Instagram - @volcomsurf @volcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/volcom

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Welcome To Water

Boardshorts - http://vol.cm/boardshorts Swimwear - http://vol.cm/vwswim Introducing the all-new Volcom Boardshorts and Swimwear collections…

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Stop #10 of Volcom's WITP Europe 2015 | Barcelona, Spain

Last weekend last stop of Volcom's Wild In The Parks european tour was held in Barcelona. Known as The Skateboarding capital, it was not strange that riders from all over world showed up at Mollet del Vallés Skatepark: skaters from Brazil, Panama, France, UK, Russia, Norway, US, Portugal and Germany showed up. 120 contestants between all the categories skated under a clear sky. The Best kid from the 10 and under division was Iker Puerta who skated solid and fast. Some girls killed it aswell like the young Daniela Terol and Paula Fiores who jumped over the stairs with a stylish Boneless. The 14 and under division saw some serious action; Lorenzo Palumber took the first place with a perfect treflip on zone 2. The podium of the 15-21 division was entirely made of foreigners except Peque who got a deserved 5th place. WITP regulars Norwegians Oyvind Svensen and Gabriel Bjorsvik took respectively 1st and 2nd position. With Anthony Renaud, they are the 3 qualified for the Champs at the Berrics in that division. The great show came with the Open category. Cristian Delgado was killing it but he injured his knee. Get well soon man. Guys like Christian Vanella, Dani Delgado, David Casado, Adrian García or Adri Ryzhov entered the final with their bags of tricks. Pedro Sanchez did several times a nollie hard flip big spin in zone 3, Christian Casimiro did some solid bs 360 ollies, Pol Catena skated fast as hell and Diego Cano destroyed the rail. But in the end Cristian Estrada from Madrid got the first place, 600€ and the flight ticket to LA right after landing a huge bs flip to flat in zone 2 for his last try which was the apotheosis of the constest. Thanks to JART Skateboards for the goodies, Mollet del Valles city council, and everyone who shoed up to share a great skateboarding day. Results: Top 3 each category qualify for Wild In The Parks Championships in Los Ángeles el 17 de Octubre de 2015 BEST KID 10 -: Iker Puerta BEST GIRL: Paula Fiores 14- Lorenzo Palumber Adrian Delgado Oscar Spear Duncan Pozza Fausto Diaz 15 -21: Oyvind Svensen Gabriel Bjorsvik Anthony Renaud Acram Majidi Peque Open: Cristian Estrada – 600 € - Viaje a USA Diego Cano – 250 € Pol Catena – 150 € Pedro Sánchez Christian Casimiro

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